44 Wonderful Random Facts To Enjoy Before Going to Sleep | Random List #301

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26Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad was invented in Tijuana, Mexico, and contained whole lettuce leaves meant to be picked up and eaten with your hands.

27. While chicken is the most slaughtered animal in the world, the #2 spot is held by ducks. Rabbits are #4 and Cattle is all the way in ninth place.

28. The Amazon river was named by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana. After skirmishes with a native tribe whose women fought alongside the men, Orellana derived the name from the Amazons described in Greek myth.

29. In the 17th century, Robert Boyle, the "Father of Modern Chemistry," compiled an improbable "wish list" he hoped science would one day accomplish. All but a few have come true.

30. The reason MLB (Major League Baseball) has not faced any competitor leagues unlike the NHL, NFL, and NBA is because of a 1922 Supreme Court case that granted them an exemption from the Sherman Antitrust Act, thus making them a legal monopoly.

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31Emperor Theodosius

Emperor Theodosius

Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire in the 380s, when Emperor Theodosius banned Pagan rituals and holidays, disbanded the Vestal virgins, extinguished the Sacred Fire, destroyed the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, and put an end to the Ancient Olympic Games.

32. Wild blueberry bushes grow naturally in rocky terrain via a dense network of underground rhizomes that helps with nutrient extraction. A controlled field burn in the off-season, traditionally practiced by Native Americans on the Maine coast, enriches the soil and provides pest/weed control.

33. During the filming of the 1953 film Beat the Devil, Humphrey Bogart lost several of his teeth in a car accident. Comedy actor Peter Sellers, then not known internationally, but with a talent for imitating voices, was hired to dub some of Bogart's lines while Bogart was unable to speak.

34. Chronic cannabis users can develop Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which produces cyclical vomiting and abdominal pain (and in some cases, compulsive showering with hot water, which alleviates the symptoms). The condition was first discovered in 2004, and little is known about how it works.

35. There are native penguins in South Africa. The African penguin (also known as the jackass penguin cause of the species' loud, donkey-like bray) is the only wild penguin species that breeds in Africa.

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36Henry Frederick

Henry Frederick

In 1612, at the funeral of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, a naked man ran through the crowd of mourners claiming he was the ghost of the recently deceased Prince.

37. Operation Pluto was an operation to lay submarine oil pipelines under the English Channel in support of the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War 2. Two pipelines, “Bambi” and “Dumbo”, carried 180 million imperial gallons of petrol to the Allied Expeditionary Force in northwest Europe.

38. Some birds of prey (like kestrels and hawks) can see bands of UV light that other animals cannot. Because mouse and rat urine reflects UV light, birds have been observed following trails of rodents pee like a glow in the dark path to their prey.

39. A newly found wasp in the Amazon which has been named Acrotaphus Wasp has been observed to zombify spiders. It lays an egg on the spider’s back and makes the spider weave a web designed for the wasp pupa. After the eggs hatch, the wasp consumes the spider and lives on the web.

40. The deep ocean is heterogeneous and made up of discrete water masses, which can be tracked, measured. Some water masses are up to 1,500 years old.

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41God Khepri

God Khepri

Ancient Egypt’s sun God Khepri was scarab-faced because they believed that in the same way as the beetle pushes large balls of dung along the ground, Khepri moved the newly-born sun across the sky.

42. The Cravat originated in Croatia. The French army enlisted Croatian mercenaries who tied/knotted cloth around their necks with linen, silks, or other fabric. The word comes from the French mispronunciation of the word "croate", meaning Croatian.

43. Yuri Gagarin did not land back in his Vostok Spacecraft. He ejected at 20,000 feet, parachuting safely to Earth, landing near the Volga River.

44. "Pistol" Pete Maravich, the greatest college basketball scorer of all time, and NBA all-star was born with one coronary artery, while the rest of us have two. He died while playing a pickup basketball game at the age of 40. At death, his heart was scarred and enlarged from oxygen deprivation.

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  1. 37. Operation Pluto, the gas/petrol pipeline was made of hollow lead pipe covered in woven metal mesh this allowed the pipeline to float and be coiled on a large drum , the lead probability increased the quality of the petrol



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