43 Religious Facts About Christianity You’ll Be Surprised To Know

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26China's youth

China's youth

Christianity is increasingly popular among China’s youth. As many as 100 million people, or 7% of the population, have converted to the religion. The city of Wenzhou alone has more than 1,100 churches.

27. Among the many verses in the Quran that mention Christians, it is mentioned twice that they are equals to Muslims and will not grieve on Judgement Day.

28. A 4th-century bishop (Acacius of Amida) sold the sacred vessels of his church to free, clothe and feed 7000 Persian POWs: "Our God needs neither dishes nor cups; for He neither eats nor drinks." This made the Sassanid Emperor end the persecution of Christians, and hostilities ceased between the two empires.

29. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Iran.

30. There is no physical description of Jesus in the Bible.

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31Nazi Germany government

Nazi Germany government

The government of Nazi Germany memorialized the victims of European witch trials of the 16th to 18th centuries, as they thought witchcraft represented the remnant of an indigenous "Aryan" religion untainted by the Judaic influence of Christianity.

32. In the year 1000, to save Iceland from civil war, both parties elected the wisest man (Ari Þorgilsson) to suggest a peaceful solution. He decided on a mass conversion to Christianity that tolerated pagan worship in private and everyone agreed. He even converted himself.

33. While Niccolò Machiavelli (Italian diplomat) criticized Christianity and the Church, he also strongly believed in the use of religion as a political tool. He thought that fear of God kept society in order and that while a leader shouldn't be too religious himself, he should make his people as religious as possible.

34. In 1631, almost all the copies of King James Bible were recalled and burnt due to a minor typo. The Seventh Commandment stated, "Thou shalt commit adultery". It was called the 'Wicked Bible' or the 'Sinners' Bible'.

35. For the clergy letter project, over 13,000 Christian clergies have signed an open letter affirming that evolution and God can coexist.

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36Mongol empire

Mongol empire

One of the most prominent Mongol tribes, which united under Genghis Khan to form the early Mongol Empire, was Christian.

37. In the Bible, The New Testament mentions that from Heaven will descend an enormous city named New Jerusalem made of "pure gold, like clear glass" and gives its specific dimensions as 1.9 million square miles. If rested on the Earth, its ceiling would be inside the exosphere.

38. In Lebanon, the President must be a Christian, the Prime Minister a Sunni, and the Speaker of Parliament a Shi'a.

39. The Indian state of Nagaland is 88% Christian of which 75% are Baptist making Nagaland both more Christian and more Baptist than any US state.

40. The bible mentions unicorns 9 times.

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41Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was one of the foremost experimenters of his time, declined a knighthood, believing that it was against the word of the Bible to pursue worldly reward. He stated that he preferred to remain "plain Mr. Faraday to the end."

42. "God helps those who helps themselves" is commonly quoted from the Bible, but isn't actually a Bible quote. The idea behind it goes back to Aesop's time, but the English wording was first used by Algernon Sidney. The phrase's rise to popularity is thanks to its use by Benjamin Franklin.

43. Jesus could not have actually been named Jesus because the letter J did not exist until later in history. Earlier versions of the Bible referred to Jesus as "lesus."

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  1. Gotta love stupid people – never does it mention unicorns or any of that *in the original language,* those are mistranslations only found in a few incorrect ENGLISH translation, the Bible was NOT written in English, for gods sake if people did basic textual criticism they would know that. So tired of ignorant people who can’t even read Hebrew.

      • The original Jewish texts were in Hebrew and the rewritten in Ancient Greek in Alexandria, Jesus would have spoken Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew but most of the New Testament letters were written in Greek. There may have been a tiny fraction of some New Testament writings in Aramaic (if at all) as it was more of a working class language of the near east

  2. Hi Rashid. The Bible was written in three languages. The Old Testament in Hebrew. The New Testament mostly in Greek with some sections and possibly Matthew originally in Aramaic.

  3. Constantine, was the emperor of east what is now called Istanbul was once the City of Constantine, named after Emperor Constantine and the land was called Constantinople.There were 7 emperors the last was in Spain just before Columbus. People not familiar with language come up with translation mistakes.

  4. Because one cannot see God, God doesn’t exist. There for one can’t see air, there for air doesn’t exist. How are you breathing. Unicorns’ monsters etc. are not found in the Bible I read put together, as a collection of books 4th century. Years of translation fix. When child sees an elephant for the first, it’s a monster.



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