43 Awesome Random Facts That Will Make You Say “Oh, Wow” | Random List #98

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1Oxford Electric Bell

The Oxford Electric Bell has been continuously ringing at the Oxford University since 1840. They are powered by the “World's most durable battery” and the secret behind its durability is a mystery because according to Oxford University, opening the device could potentially “ruin an experiment to see how long it will last.”

2. There are more people who have learned English as a second language than there are native speakers.

3. William Moulton Marston, the creator of DC Superhero Wonder Woman was a psychologist who also invented the polygraph machine. This was his reason behind Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. He also believed women were emotionally superior to men and that one day U.S. would be a matriarchy.

4. In 2007, a lottery scratchcard in England was canceled because too many customers weren’t able to figure out which of the two negative numbers was higher.

5. Green bell peppers are just unripe versions of red peppers.

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6Nancy Carell

Actress Nancy Carell who played Carol Stills on The Office has been married to Steve Carrel since 1995.

7. Researchers found that beards were only more attractive if they were uncommon. In a study, if researchers showed a single bearded man amongst many shaved men, the bearded person was ranked as more attractive. If shown amongst other bearded men, it lost its benefit.

8. Every year on Veterans Day at exactly 11:11 am, sun perfectly aligns with 5 Ellipses in 5 Pillars, illuminating the United States Seal at Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona, thereby representing each branch of the military.

9. Blue LED lights are installed at certain Tokyo train stations to deter suicides. Researchers have found that the presence of blue lights resulted in an 84% decrease in suicides. Although the exact reason is unknown, it is theorized that blue light has a positive calming effect on mood.

10. Attacking your avocado tree can shock it into bearing fruit.

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11Frozen Zoo

San Diego Zoo maintains a so-called "frozen zoo", a facility in which they preserve DNA from rare and near-extinct species.

12. The Subaru logo (Automobile manufacturer) represents the stars in Pleiades constellation which is known as 'Subaru' in Japanese.

13. Hyena is not a canine species. Instead, it's part of the feliform suborder and thus closer to a cat-like species.

14. The "big fat phony" guy from Family Guy is credited as "Holden Caulfield", the protagonist of J.D. Salinger's classic 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, who often accused others of being “phonies”.

15. A Wyoming woman named Lucille Clarke Dumbrill maintains and regularly uses a 122-year-old sourdough starter to make pancakes. The starter is older than the state of Wyoming itself.

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16Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin’s real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. He decided to change his name to Stalin in 1902, which meant “steel” in Russian. He believed it would make him appear tough.

17. 'The Lost Generation' is a sad poem about the society that ends with "all this will come true unless we choose to reverse it." If you read it backward, each line has an opposite meaning, and it becomes happy.

18. There are actually eight continents, with the eighth, being nearly 95% submerged, called Zealandia (southwest Pacific Ocean).

19. 74% of mothers and 70% of fathers reported preferential treatment toward one child.

20. In 1944, Franklin Roosevelt was gifted a letter opener made out of the arm bone of a Japanese soldier but had to return it due to the shock and outrage it caused in Japan and the U.S.

21Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman buys lottery tickets for the entire cast and crew every Friday while filming a movie. It's a tradition he started in an effort to get to know one another and encourage comradery and teamwork among the crew.

22. American bank robber John Wojtowicz used scenes from "The Godfather" as an inspiration of how to pull off his infamous 1972 bank robbery. A movie was made based on the robbery called "Dog Day Afternoon". It starred Al Pacino and John Cazale, both famous for starring in "The Godfather".

23. In 2017, officers from Devon and Cornwall (UK) Police commandeered a double-decker bus, using the top deck to monitor motorists illegally using their mobile phones while driving. In two days, they caught 39 drivers using their phones and 36 not wearing a seatbelt.

24. During the Kangi Famine (1229-1232) in Japan, it was made legal for families to sell their children in hope of raising money to buy food, and also, grant their children a more fortunate household. This had the long-term effect of creating a significant servile class which remained for the next 400 years.

25. In 1881, the Isle of Man (British Isles island) became the first nation in the world to give women the right to vote.


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