42 Fun Random Facts That’ll Brighten Your Day – Part 66

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26Amy Elliot and Kate Elliot

Amy Elliot and Kate Elliot

A set of twins were born 87 days apart, setting a world record. One of the twins was born 4 months (Amy Elliot) prematurely while the other did not arrive until 3 months (Kate Elliot) after.

27. It was technically legal to kill Mormons in Missouri until 1976.

28. The amazing James Randi exposed a fraudulent "Faith Healer" named Peter Popoff who was using an ear mic to fool believers into divine healing.

29. When Woodrow Wilson was elected President, he immediately began a re-segregation and firing of Black Federal Workers. This led to some black federal workers being forced to eat in cages so as to not come into contact with white women.

30. Using the term "Jumbo" to describe something as large/huge etc is coined from an elephant of the same name which was around in the mid-1800's and was the first ever animal "celebrity" in both the UK and the US.

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31Lee Harvey Oswald's Funeral

Lee Harvey Oswald's Funeral

Few people attended Lee Harvey Oswald's Funeral. Reporters had to act as pallbearers.

32. The crowds of the pod races in Star Wars Episode I were half a million painted q-tips. With a blowing fan underneath the model stands, the q-tips would move around like a live crowd.

33. Eminem's best friend "Proof" battle rapped 30 people back to back and won every battle. He also is the one who taught Eminem how to freestyle.

34. Cows were used for radiation testing of early cell phones. Farmers were paid to have high-powered phones strapped to their cows head 24/7. A single engineer worked full time to chase the cows and change the batteries.

35. Xin Zhui's mummy (also known as Lady Dai who died in 163 B.C.) is considered the best-preserved mummy in the world. Upon discovery, she still had moist, soft skin, movable limbs, intact organs and veins with still small amounts of type A blood in them, distinct fingerprints and more.

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36Great tits

Great tits

Great tits in the UK, where birdfeeders are common, have developed longer beaks than their Dutch counterparts.

37. The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania and New Zealand on his first Pacific voyage while missing the entire continent of Australia.

38. Scientists have found that children who learn Mandarin, a tonal language, as babies are more likely to have perfect pitch than those raised to speak English. The finding supports the idea that “babies can acquire perfect pitch as part of learning a language.”

39. Tesla Motors made all of their patents available to the open market in 2014 for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

40. All navel oranges are genetic clones of a single mutated tree discovered by a missionary in Brazil in the 1800s.

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41Garcia effect

Garcia effect

If you develop an aversion to a food you previously loved but vomited up even just one time after eating, that is called the Garcia Effect. This happens even if you know getting sick had nothing to do with the food you ate and instead was due to a virus.

42. The first tree at Rockefeller Center was erected by construction workers in 1931 during the Depression-era. Workers pooled their money to buy the tree and decorated it with tin cans and garland made by their families.

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