41 Amazing Facts About Ireland That Will Shamrock Your World

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26Robert Erskine Childers

An Irish Nationalist named Robert Erskine Childers smuggled guns into Ireland during their civil war. When he was sentenced to death, he shook hands with the firing squad members and told them when they were about to shoot “Take a step or two forward, lads. It will be easier that way.”

27. In 2011, a 14-year-old Irish boy named Jake hacked into Modern Warfare 2 servers. As a result, Microsoft offered to "develop his talent for legitimate purposes."

28. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw is the only person to ever win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar.

29. A pub named Downey's Pub in Dublin once had a strike that lasted 14 years.

30. A pub named Whiskey Joe's in Ireland gives out free drinks to customers that don't use their phones

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31Fairy tree

A motorway in Ireland was delayed by 10 years and then rerouted to protect a tree that was thought to belong to fairies.

32. A bomb was set off in Ireland (Enniskillen's Remembrance Day) during a parade in 1987. 10 years later those responsible apologized because of the peace campaign by the father of one of the victims.

33. People in Ireland leave out Guinness for Santa on Christmas Eve.

34. Ireland is the only country to 'express disapproval' at ISO standard 3103 (how to make tea) which states that the milk should go in first

35. Jack Butler Yeats holds the distinction of being Ireland's first medalist at the Olympic Games in the wake of the creation of the Irish Free State. At the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, Yeats' painting The Liffey Swim won a silver medal in the arts and culture segment of the Games.

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In pre-famine Ireland, the average farmer would eat between 10 and 14 pounds of potatoes a day, washed down with milk or buttermilk.

37. Four Irish women barricaded themselves in their home in 2000 and starved themselves for weeks until death. In a letter found at the scene: "Our stomachs are devouring themselves . . . Please, please listen, none of us foresaw it could be this cruel and slow."

38. Irish writer George Bernard Shaw had a rotating office that he could turn to face the sun in the winter and give himself more shade in the summer.

39. Church attendance in Ireland dropped from 90% in the 80s to 18% by 2011. The change is attributed to the church's attitude towards the multiple sex scandals that surfaced from the 90s onwards.

40. About 20-40% of Ireland’s population was wiped out during the Cromwellian wars, which lasted for 4 years between 1649 and 1653.

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41Brian Curtin

In 2002, Irish police raided a judge's (Brian Curtin) home and found child pornography on his computer, but the judge was found 'Not Guilty' of possession as the warrant used was one day out of date.


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