40 Strangest Conspiracy Theories That Have Been Concocted

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26Pharmaceutical company conspiracy

Hoffmann-La Roche, a pharmaceutical company that made almost $10bn in 2014 was found out to be a part of a large conspiracy in 1999 to fix prices for vitamins, for the second time, and fined $500m, the first whistleblower was found out and sent to jail and so his wife committed suicide

27. There's a whole conspiracy theory about NASA hiding a "second sun"

28. The HIV/AIDS conspiracy theory in which the disease was manufactured by the US government, was actually a KGB misinformation campaign, Operation INFEKTION

29. From 2001 to 2006 manufacturers colluded in an international LCD price fixing conspiracy

30. India's moon orbiter took photos of the Apollo landing site, debunking the conspiracy theory that the US faked the moon landings.

31Eminem conspiracy

There is a widespread conspiracy theory that Eminem died in 2006 and was replaced by a lookalike

32. There is a conspiracy theory that we are living in a parallel universe due to the spelling of the children's books The Berenstain Bears

33. Saddam Hussein commissioned the production of a "Blood Qur'an", written using 27 liters of his own blood, to thank God for saving him from dangers and conspiracies.

34. Those plane trails in the sky are caused by condensation, and there's a conspiracy theory that believes they are chemicals sprayed by the government.

35. There is a conspiracy theory that a 1980's CIA project involved teleporting people to its colony on Mars

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36Ri Jong-Chol

Ri Jong-Chol, a suspect in the murder of the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader, said in Beijing that he was a victim of a conspiracy by Malaysian authorities attempting to damage the honor of North Korea.

37. The very high cost of Diamonds and the public perception as a symbol of romance was a manufactured phenomenon to create profit for a conspiracy of diamond mining organizations

38. Over 300,000 people in South Africa got needlessly infected with HIV after state officials supported charlatan vitamin treatment instead of "western medical conspiracy".

39. FEDEX was charged with distribution of controlled substances and conspiracy to distribute misbranded drugs when the DEA told it to stop a list of drug dealers but refused to give the list when FEDEX tried to comply. FEDEX pleaded not guilty since they had no way to tell who was on the list.

40. There is a conspiracy theory that Egyptian treasures and tunnels were found in the Grand Canyon in 1909 and subsequently covered up by the Smithsonian. The area in question has numerous Egyptian landmark names and is currently off-limits to all hikers.


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