40 Interesting Government and Military Operations

31Operation Flex

Operation Flex

As part of Operation Flex, which took place in California, an FBI informant named Craig Monteilh pretended to be a radical Muslim. The members of the mosque quickly got a restraining order on him and reported him to the FBI.

32Operation Flagship

Operation Flagship

Operation Flagship was a sting operation that sent out free Redskins tickets to wanted fugitives. The operation was success, which resulted in more than 100 arrests with Marshalls wearing Redskins and Chicken costumes.

33Operation Bernhard

Operation Bernhard

The Nazis during World War 2 formed a plan called 'Operation Bernhard' in which they planned to crash England’s economy by counterfeiting 132 million Great Britain Pound and dropping it over England by planes. This would equivalent to £8.3 billion today.

34Operation Tracer

Operation Tracer

Operation Tracer was a top-secret WW2 mission in which a British team consisting of 6 men were to be sealed in a cave inside the Rock of Gibraltar, incase Nazi's captured Gibraltar. They were to monitor enemy movements after the Rock’s capture. They would have supplies with them for several years as there was no way out and anyone who died within the chamber would have to be embalmed and cemented into the floor. After decades of rumors and searching, the cave was rediscovered in 1997.

35Operation Berkshire

Operation Berkshire

Operation Berkshire is the name of a secret program started in the 1970s by seven of the world’s largest tobacco companies which was aimed at promoting “controversy” over the link between smoking and disease.

36Operation Pastorius

Operation Pastorius

Operation Pastorius was a German World War 2 mission of sabotage inside the United States. It failed primarily due to defections but was in danger of being compromised right from the start as one of the agents, when drunk, announced to patrons at a bar in Paris that he was a secret agent.

37Operation Mongoose

Operation Mongoose

As part of Operation Mongoose, CIA tried to kill Castro with exploding cigars and shells, poisoned wetsuits, milkshakes, a former lover; character assassination via thallium to make his beard fall out and LSD. Castro once said, “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”

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38Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm

During the 1991's Operation Desert Storm, Syria fought alongside the US and coalition forces against Iraq, supplying the 6th largest manpower contingent.

39Operation Squabble

Operation Squabble

Operation Squabble was a World War 2 morale-boosting mission. A single Beaufort fighter plane sneaked into occupied Paris at treetop height, dropped a French flag on the Arc de Triomphe, flew down the Champs-Élysées, then strafed the German High Command before returning home unscathed.

40Operation Snow White

Operation Snow White

Scientology’s “Operation Snow White” aimed to infiltrate the US government (and other private organizations) to purge unfavorable records about Scientology. At its peak, it had up to 5,000 covert agents in 136 government agencies in 30 countries.

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