40 Insane and Bizarre Festivals Around the World


Holi is an Indian festival in which people dance, play live music, throw colored powders at each other, have a bonfire, consume cannabis (which is often distributed by the government for the occasion).

22Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

There is an annual cheese-rolling festival named Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake near Gloucester, England, in which people chase an approximately 9lb wheel of cheese down a steep hill. The cheese can reach speeds of 70mph, and many people are injured every year.

23Busó Festival

Busó Festival dates back to the 18th century which involves men dressing up as horned devils, or “Busós”, attempting to chase away the winter. It’s a terrifying sight, but all for a good cause: summer. It is celebrated in the southern Hungarian town of Mohács.

24Night of the Radishes

December 23 is "Night of the Radishes" in Oaxaca, Mexico. During this festival artisans across the city carve oversized radishes to depict scenes (traditionally nativity scenes) for visiting crowds.

25Turkey Trot festival

Turkey Trot festival is an annual festival celebrated in Yellville, Arkansas where live turkeys are dropped from planes.

26Songkran water festival

Thailand celebrates the annual Songkran water festival between April 13 and April 15. This festival features nonstop water fights.

27International Redhead Day

Redheads from more than 80 countries gather in the Dutch city of Breda for the International Redhead Day, which takes place every year in the first week of September.

28Boryeong Mud festival

Boryeong Mud festival takes place every summer in the town of Boryeong, South Korea. This international mud fight attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Strangely enough, it was originally intended to be a marketing vehicle for local cosmetics producers who use the mineral-rich mud in their products.

29Da Shuhua

Da Shuhua is a traditional Molten Iron Throwing Festival in China originating around 500 years ago in-which blacksmiths throw heated iron into the air for fireworks-like effect.

30Kots Kaal Pato

There is a Mexican festival called Kots Kaal Pato that involves filling pinatas with live animals and beating them to death. The climax is ripping the head off of a live duck.


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