40 Icky Poop Facts That’ll Make You Say “Sh*t”

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Truckers throw out gallon jugs of urine and bags filled with feces out their windows, and it's an actual problem.

2. The Great Stink of London was an event in 1858 where the smell of human waste in the River Thames was so bad that it halted parliament. 250 tons of limes were used to mask the odor.

3. There are 4 bags of astronaut poop on the moon left behind by Neil Armstrong from his Apollo mission to the moon.

4. The average human poops $13 in precious metals per year.

5. In Mexico City people were offered free wi-fi in exchange for picking up dog droppings and weighing them, thus measuring the amount of free wi-fi given, in an attempt to clean up the city from dog poo.

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6Brunete people

In the Spanish town, Brunete council volunteers will send dog poo in the mail to dog owners who are seen failing to pick up their dog's feces in public.

7. Sloths only poop once a week and it's called the poo dance.

8. A 1970s high school art project ceramic jug, found in a barn covered with chicken poop, was mistakenly identified as 19th-century work and priced at $50,000 on Antiques Road Show.

9. Franken-Berry (children's cereal) used to turn people's poo pink due to an inability to break down the heavily-dyed cereal. The symptom was referred to as "Franken-Berry stool".

10. Due to lack of fertilizer, North Korean shops once sold (or still selling) human feces.

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11Artist's Sh*t

Italian artist Piero Manzoni pooped into 90 tin cans (Artist's sh*t) as an artwork, each containing 30g of poop. Each is worth 100,000 € today.

12. A "Pig Toilet" is a human toilet/outhouse connected to a pig sty, providing human feces to the pigs as their food source.

13. 16% of cell phones are contaminated with E. coli bacteria from fecal matter.

14. Hibernating bears don't eat or drink, and thus don't poop or pee, but they develop a fecal plug in their intestines that can grow to 7 to 15 inches long and 1 to 2.5 inches in diameter. They defecate when they emerge from hibernation. "Fecal plugs have a light odor that is not unpleasant."

15. Roughly 26,500 pounds of human excrement is left on Mount Everest each season. Everest is a 'fecal time bomb'.

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The Parrotfish eats dead coral and then poops sand. This sand poop is also responsible for nearly all the white sand beaches in Hawaii.

17. In 1997, an Emory researcher named Elizabeth R. Griffin died as a result of a herps-infected rhesus monkey flinging poop into her eyes.

18. Coffee makes the end of your intestine start contracting, like you are prepping for poop even if you have none. That why so many people want to poop after.

19. In Japan, they have an expression (Mariko Aoki phenomenon) to describe the sudden urge to poop when you're in a bookstore.

20. During the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, 25,000 pigeons were released during the opening ceremony. When a cannon was fired, the pigeons begun to poop on the spectators watching the ceremony below.

21Male hippos

Male hippos fling their poo by twirling their tails in order to impress females and mark their territory.

22. Farmers willingly allow the "Tree Goats of Morocco" to climb Argan trees. After the goats finish eating the fruit and nuts off the tree, they pass valuable clumps of seeds which are then pressed to create the sought-after Argan oil. Argan oil is commonly found in the popular Ogx Shampoo bottle, effectively making it Shampoop.

23. Tinnunculite is a naturally occurring material that only forms when Falcon's poop directly into burning coal mines as they fly.

24. Defecation syncope is a condition in which a person poops so hard they pass out.

25. King George III had an illness that caused his poop to turn purple.


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