40 Eerie Mysteries: Unexplained and Unsettling Disappearances

1Disappearance of Kelly Disney

Disappearance of Kelly Disney

In 1984, a girl named Kelly Disney went missing after fighting with her boyfriend at a party. Two officers were among the last people to see her, and she told them she was walking to a friend's house. Her family searched for her, but the cops deemed her a runaway, so the case went cold. 10 years later, someone found a skull in a car at the reservoir where people went to party. It was confirmed to be Kelly Disney's skull, and there were signs of trauma, but there was no further progress. Some locals believe the killer was her boyfriend. Others think there may have been a serial killer in the area, as 4 more girls went missing after Kelly. All of them went missing while walking at night.

2Disappearance of Beatriz Winck

Disappearance of Beatriz Winck

In 2012, while the elderly Winck couple was visiting the town of Aparecida do Norte in Brazil as tourists, they went souvenir shopping. Later, 77-year-old Beatriz Winck stepped outside and waited while her husband, Delmar Winck, waited in line to pay for the items. When he left the store, she had vanished. Investigation of her disappearance led nowhere as they did not find a single clue as to what happened to her. Her husband is still alive and his adult children keep searching for her. The town is known for the Sanctuary of Aparecida which is the second-largest Catholic church in the world and she disappeared right in front of it. The church only gave the police access to its camera 15 days after her disappearance by which time, that day’s events were recorded over.

3Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

In 1966, three Beaumont siblings disappeared from a beach in Australia. There were kidnapped at the same time, in a busy public place, with very little conclusive evidence about what had happened. As the case started picking up heat in the media, there were a lot of weird complications (possible sightings, hoax ransom notes/calls, etc.) and potential connections to other kidnappings and murders. They were never found. Interestingly, it's widely considered to be a big turning point for attitudes toward children in Australia. After the Beaumont children disappeared, people were much less willing to let their children out unsupervised, though, of course, it wasn't the first time a child had been kidnapped by a (presumed) stranger.

4Death of David Glenn Lewis

Death of David Glenn Lewis

David Glenn Lewis disappeared on Super Bowl Sunday in Amarillo, Texas in 1993, with a freshly made sandwich in the fridge and the VCR set up to record the game. His wife and daughter returned home from a trip a few days later to find him gone but his watch and wedding ring were in the house. He was a lawyer and had previously expressed fear to his wife that his life was in danger. His car was found at the courthouse in Amarillo. Four days later he was the victim of a hit-and-run as he was walking on the side of the highway in Moxee, Washington. It took over 10 years to identify his body and no one knows how he got there or why he was in Washington.

5The Polaroid in the Parking Lot

The Polaroid in the Parking Lot

In April 1988, 9-year-old Michael Henley vanished while on a camping trip with his father in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico. In September of the same year, 19-year-old Tara Calico disappeared from her hometown of Belen, New Mexico while out on her bike. On June 1989, a woman goes into a convenience store and notices a white van in the parking lot. When she exits, she sees a Polaroid photo, face down on the ground where the van had been. It showed a teenage girl and a young boy, bound and gagged. They were initially identified to be Michael Henley and Tara Calico. Henley's remains were eventually found. Tara Calico's case however remains unsolved to this day. Forensics later determined that the boy in the photo wasn't him after all and that Henley died of hypothermia after getting lost in the woods. The boy in the photo with Tara remains unidentified.

6Disappearance of Jason Jolkowski

Disappearance of Jason Jolkowski

Jason Jolkowski was a 19-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska who disappeared without a trace in June 2001 on his way to work. What baffled the investigators was how quickly it happened. He was called into work at a fast food restaurant for an unplanned shift, took a shower, started walking to a high school a few blocks away to meet a co-worker who offered him a ride and just vanished somewhere on that walk. His family said he is too responsible to have left without warning, and he was not having any problems at the time of his disappearance. He is described as a shy person who was not involved with drugs or alcohol and was close to his family at the time of his disappearance.

7Disappearance of Busan Newlywed

Disappearance of Busan Newlywed

In 2016, a prominent Busan couple, Choi Sung Hee and Kim Yoon Suk disappeared in thin air, just 6 months into their marriage. There were last seen in CCTV entering their apartment, but none of them were ever seen leaving their apartment. Their grocery was untouched and they left behind a dog. There was no sign of them on CCTV even though there were so many of them.

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8Disappearance of Lars Mittank

Disappearance of Lars Mittank

In 2014, a German man named Lars Mittank went on vacation to Bulgaria with friends. There he was injured in a fight he got into and therefore wasn’t able to fly back home with his friends for health reasons. He later called his mother once they had all left saying he thought he was being followed and he was going to book a plane the next day. He was last seen on CCTV footage heading into the airport carrying his suitcase and later he was seen running out of the airport at full speed without his bags. He scaled a fence, ran into the woods, and was never seen again.

9Disappearance of Juan Pedro Martínez

Disappearance of Juan Pedro Martínez

A 10-year-old boy named Juan Pedro Martinez disappeared in Spain in 1986, while on "vacation" with his mother and father. His dad, who was a truck driver, was delivering a load of 20,000 liters of pure sulfuric acid. Everything seemed normal until the family reached the Somosierra mountain pass when his father started driving erratically, crashing into several cars and then overturned his truck. Sulfuric acid began pouring out of the tanker, causing a cloud of noxious gas to rise near the crash site. Both his parents were killed. Juan however, was never found at the accident site. Some believed that Juan was completely dissolved by the sulfuric acid. However, chemists maintain that there is no way that this happened. The acid could not have dissolved his body that quickly and leave no trace.

10Disappearance of Sneha Philip

Disappearance of Sneha Philip

Sneha Anne Philip was an Indian-American physician who was last seen a day before the 9/11 attacks, by a department store surveillance camera near her Lower Manhattan apartment. There have been a lot of theories behind her disappearance over the years as no promising leads or evidence on her fate ever developed. Foul play or leaving her family were possibilities over the years, but it was assumed by her family that she died trying to help the victims of 9/11 as she was a doctor and lived just 2 blocks from the World Trade Center.

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