39 Surprising Random Facts That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face | Random List #202

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26Clone High

Clone High, an adult animated tv series about the clones of famous historical figures going to high school, was canceled due to its portrayal of Gandhi as a loose party animal, causing great controversy in India. It began hunger strikes and even a national protest where members of parliament got involved.

27. The granite used to build the US Capitol is so radioactive that the building would fail federal safety codes regulating nuclear power plants.

28. The song Greensleeves is from 1580 and while often said to refer to a promiscuous woman or prostitute whose clothing was stained green from having sex in the grass, it is more likely associated with green being the color of romance in that time period. 

29. The residents of Chernobyl had a new city (Slavutych) built for them by workers from 8 former Soviet republics. The city has a range of different architectural styles such as pink stoned Armenian buildings and wooden Baltic-style houses. City districts are named after a city from each republic.

30. Ally's Law is legislation passed by several U.S. states that require stores to allow people with certain medical conditions access to employee restrooms. It was named after a 14-year-old girl with Crohn’s Disease who soiled herself in a mall after being denied access to a store restroom.

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31Robert Garrett

Robert Garrett, the winner of the discus throw in the first modern Olympics had never seen a proper discus until he arrived in Athens. The version he commissioned to train with was 25 pounds heavier than the competition model because he based it solely on images from an ancient vase.

32. Garlic ranks as the #1 antibacterial food. Capsicums (peppers) are only 75% effective.

33. In Philippines you can ‘legally’ kill or physically injure your spouse or the person he or she is having sexual intercourse with if you catch them in the act of making love.

34. Karl Marx wasn't aware of advances being made in differential calculus and developed the concepts himself while writing his mathematical manuscripts.

35. Although they live in a climate inhospitable to crop development, the Inuit do not suffer from Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) due to their diet of frozen and raw fish and mammal organs. By not cooking the food, vitamin C is not broken down and can be absorbed by the human body.

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36Soviet school children

In 1988, the final history exams for more than 53 million Soviet school children were canceled because much of the history they had been taught were lies.

37. MLB umpires are required by rule to wear only black underwear in the event that they split their pants.

38. If woodpeckers are hungry enough they will peck into the backs of other birds heads and eat their brains.

39. Paint typically adds around 600 to 1,200 pounds (273 kg – 544 kg) to the weight of a plane and the seven coats of paint used on the Emirates A380 added roughly 2,425 pounds (1,100kg) to its weight.


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