39 Ridiculous Random Facts For Your Trivia Nights – Part 60

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26Statue of Liberty's torch

The Statue of Liberty's torch has been closed to the public since July 30, 1916, when it sustained structural damage from the Black Tom explosion an act of German sabotage targeting a US munitions depot during World War 1.

27. "Cage-free" eggs really don't make a difference in the wellbeing of the hen, since they can be cage-free and still stacked on top of each other in a coup. We just continue to pay significantly more for the same product that just 'sounds' better.

28. The 1940 Winter Olympics were originally given to Japan. They declined the games due to the start of the Sino-Japanese War. Eventually, they were awarded to Germany. 3 months later, Germany invaded Poland. The games were canceled altogether.

29. McDonald's is called Macca's in Australia. The nickname became so popular, they've registered it and in 2013 they even changed the signage.

30. Ramen noodles are now used more in bartering than tobacco products in prison.

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31Power grid

When Adelaide opened it's power grid to competition, instead of lowering costs as intended, generators were shut down at peak demand so companies could charge more, leading to the highest costs for power anywhere on Earth.

32. Wealth and power cause brain damage that effects empathy and being able to see things from other's point of view.

33. A family's home was burned to the ground on Christmas Eve 1945. The parents and four children escaped unharmed. Five other children of theirs were trapped in upstairs bedrooms and presumably perished, but no remains were ever found and the search for the missing children continued for decades.

34. The traffic on the Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris is so chaotic, insurance companies will always split the liability of an accident 50/50.

35. The 'Red Ring of Death' cost Microsoft $1.15 billion to provide repairs for Xbox 360 owners, to which the Microsoft CEO said, "Do it."

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36Lee Lorch

Lee Lorch was a mathematician blacklisted in the 50s by most US universities for his civil rights activism. Before his death in 2014, he was asked if he would have done anything any differently. "More and better of the same," he replied.

37. Male fruit flies drink away the pain of rejection. Males who had been rejected and who'd gotten lucky had the option of eating normal food or food spiked with alcohol. While the happy/lucky fruit flies had no preference, the rejected fruit flys were far more likely to eat the alcohol-infused food.

38. Although the Person of the Year title is about biggest influence "for better or for worse", Time has shied away from naming controversial figures for commercial reasons since the public backlash after naming Ayatollah Khomeini ( Iranian Shia Muslim religious leader) in 1979. This is why in 2001 Osama bin Laden was not named.

39. Oslo city council decided to forbid cars from entering the city by 2019.


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