39 Pleasing Random Facts To Make You Feel Instantly Smart | Random List #22

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26Cold Period

Cold Period

The Middle East had a “Cold Period” in the 900s-1000s. In the winter the Tigris River would freeze and they would have thick snow on the ground for months in Baghdad.

27. Mormon prophet Joseph Smith claimed that a race of uniformly 6-foot-tall humans who dressed like Quakers and lived to the age of 1,000 resided on the moon.

28. Almond milk was heavily used in medieval cooking and sauces. It was considered far more grand and luxurious than cow milk.

29. The white powder in Easy Mac is a starch intended to thicken the water so it doesn't boil over in the microwave.

30. John Paul Jones, "Father of the American Navy," shipped aboard a slaver early in his life, killed a crewman over a wage dispute, and that Jones was a fake last name to throw off the law afterward!

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31MJ Jersey no. 23

MJ Jersey no. 23

The Miami Heat retired Michael Jordan's number 23 in April 2003 for "contributions to basketball." He never played for the team.

32. The depression throughout Japan following World War 2 was what inspired Osamu Tezuka, the father of manga and a medical student at the time, to draw comics to convince people to have hope again. These comics swept thru Japan and laid the foundation for the Japanese manga/anime culture that we know today

33. A cobalt bomb, a nuclear weapon designed to maximize nuclear fallout, able to potentially wipe out human life.

34. There's a country club (Aroostook Valley Country Club) on the US-Canada border that allows people to cross into Canada without going through customs. Founded in 1929, it allowed Americans to bypass Prohibition.

35. Students at Oxford University are required to wear an academic dress for all of their examinations including a suit, gown, bowtie, and color coded carnation. Students wear different gowns depending on their grades. Cambridge no longer has such dress for exams.

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36Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

The state drink of Pennsylvania is milk and its state food is chocolate chip cookies.

37. In World War 2, nine American pilots crashed into a small island in Japan called Chichijima. 8 of the 9 were murdered, 5 of those 8 were cannibalized. The lone survivor was George H.W. Bush.

38. Oreos are vegan and the "creme" filling contains no milk products.

39. Caitlyn Jenner caused a car crash that killed a woman while towing a vehicle. The case was settled with no charges.

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