39 Nauseating Facts About Insects That’ll Creep You Out – Part 2

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A Bumblebee will perform warm-up exercises in the winter before taking flight.

27. A species of wasp named Ichneumonidae laid it's young in a live host, made Charles Darwin lose faith in a "benevolent God."

28. There is a species of moth (Mabra elephantophila) that feeds on elephant tears. If the animal is not producing tears, the moth will irritate the eye, causing tears to be produced.

29. Caterpillars dissolve and "die" inside the chrysalis, so that the resultant butterfly could be called a “new” organism. Scientists even think they evolved from two different ancestors.

30. Army ants were used as the first dissolving surgical sutures in India in 3000 B.C. and they still are utilized for this very purpose by Maasai people.

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Scientists have released millions of genetically modified mosquitoes on the island of Grand Cayman in an effort to combat dengue fever, resulting in an 80% decrease in mosquito numbers.

32. Female thrip egg mites are born mature and pregnant, having mated with their brother and eating their mother from the inside out. They die 4 days later when their own children eat them alive.

33. Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest.

34. A prehistoric giant ant named Titanomyrma about the size of a hummingbird was discovered in Wyoming in 2011.

35. Ants were the first non-human meat farmers. An African breed of ants raises other bugs for food.

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Cockroaches’ exoskeletons allow them to withstand weights up to 900 times their body weight.

37. Wasps are extremely valuable in horticulture since they prey upon almost every pest insect and are used as a natural form of pest control.

38. Moths make up a large portion of Yellowstone bears' diets, and they can eat up to 20,000 calories worth of moths in a day.

39. The most dangerous ant in the world is the bulldog ant, which can literally kill humans with its stings within 15 minutes.

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