39 Amazing Facts About Fish You Never Knew About

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A Seahorse is the only fish to have a neck.

27. Since sunfish are susceptible to skin parasites, they sometimes break the surface of the water with its dorsal fin and beak to attract the attention of a gull or similar seabird. The seabird will then dig worms and other stubborn parasites out of the fish's skin.

28. Female fishes have been observed to sometimes fake orgasms to dupe males into thinking they have copulated. They then swim off to find a better partner.

29. There is a deep sea fish that takes advantage of the fact that fishes can't see a red light, and illuminates its prey with a beam of red bioluminescence so that it can hunt with an effectively invisible beam of light.

30. In a narrow island in the Tarn River in France, giant 50-pound European catfishes beach themselves in order to capture and eat pigeons.

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Scientists have found fishes and some other aquatic animals living under Antarctica, beneath 740 meters of ice in a 10-meter-deep section of water. Scientists are still unsure of how they manage to sustain themselves.

32. Fish can learn to pull a string to dispense food, and some have also figured out how to use a tool to pull the string as they swim by.

33. The Blue Tang Fish 'Dory from Finding Nemo' is poisonous to eat, has venomous barbs on their back, and will cut you.

34. A popular 17th-century Chinese concoction of pickled fish and spices called "kê-chiap" was picked up by the English explorers. The English settlers took it with them to the American colonies. This concoction became quite popular and we know it today as Ketchup.

35. There is a fish called the "Bony-eared ass fish". It has the smallest brain to body ratio of all known vertebrates.

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36Round goldfish bowls

Round goldfish bowls are banned in Monza (Italy) because 'a fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality'.

37. Electric Eels are apex predators because none of the animals that can eat them want to get shocked.

38. Tennessee Aquarium has a twitter account that sends out tweets powered by an electric eel.

39. Eulachon fish is so oily that it can be set on fire and it was used as a source of light by Nisga'a people.


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