37 Nose-Opening Facts About the World of Smells & Odors

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Denver cops use “smelloscopes” to sniff out cannabis smokers.

27. Dead ants give off a scent to signal other ants that they need to be carried away. The dead are brought to a designated graveyard in order to avoid bacteria spreading.

28. The smell given off by books can be used to tell the age of the books, and how close the books are to degradation.

29. Binturongs or Bearcats smells like buttered popcorn.

30. The “metallic” smell left on your hands after handling coins isn't the smell of the coin. It is the smell of our own skin.

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Cilantro haters can't smell the same scent cilantro lovers do, from the herb. Instead, they taste unsaturated aldehydes which are present in it.

32. Lemurs have "stink fights" where they rub their tail in their scent glands and try to make their opponent smell like them.

33. The ancient Egyptians invented several forms of early deodorant, including cones made out of scented grease that was worn on top of the head. As the grease melted, it ran in cooling, fragrant trails down the person’s face and body.

34. The American toy manufacturing company Mattel used patchouli oil to produce the smell of the He-Man action figure Stinkor.

35. The U.S. Military uses the stink bomb product named 'Liquid Ass,' in training to prepare troops for the odor of the battlefield.

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36Fritos Feet

Fritos Feet

Dogs have bacteria on their paws that make them smell like corn chip, which is commonly referred to as “Frito Feet.”

37. Grizzly bears have a better sense of smell than a hound dog and can detect food from miles away.

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