37 Bizarre & Unexpected Things That Took Place Totally By Accident

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26German submariner

During World War 2, a German submariner accidentally flushed the toilet the wrong way, resulting in the capsule being flooded with raw sewage and forcing it to surface. It was then captured near the coast of Scotland.

27. Apollo 12 astronaut Alan L Bean accidentally destroyed the mission's TV camera by pointing it at the sun. He also left several rolls of exposed film on the moon by mistake, and was hit on the head by a 16mm film camera when the crew splashed down on Earth.

28. In 2014, a 23-year-old female accidentally killed herself by absorbing methamphetamine via her vagina - the autopsy found a meth-filled plastic bag inside of her, and the concentration in her blood was 2.4 times the greatest concentration ever found in a human.

29. In 2008, a ship's anchor accidentally cut two underwater Internet cables, reducing Asia's internet capacity by 72%.

30. While creating the first Tomb Raider video game in 1996, a developer trying to increase Lara Croft's breast size by 50% accidentally enlarged them by 150%. Others approved of the change before he fixed the mistake, and the marketing campaign emphasized Lara's exaggerated body. The game went on to become a #1 hit.

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31Micheal J. Fox

Micheal J. Fox was accidentally hanged for real becoming unconscious while filming Back to the Future Part III.

32. A rural Thai woman named Yooket Paen accidentally slipped on "farmyard mud," grabbed a naked live wire and got electrocuted to death. After the funeral, her sister named Yooket Pan was showing her neighbors how the accident happened when she herself slipped, grabbed the same live wire and also got electrocuted to death.

33. Actor John Ritter’s testicles were briefly visible in an episode of Three’s Company. Although Nickelodeon would not identify the specific episode involved, the scene is part of a final-season episode, “The Charming Stranger,” which was originally broadcast on 20 December 1983. The episode ran many times without anyone noticing the blooper and when it was noticed Nickelodeon said it would snip the offending bit from future repeats.

34. In 1958, an experienced lab technician named Cecil Kelley accidentally created a burst of nuclear fission and exposed himself to radiation levels 7 times above lethal limits in under a second, at a laboratory in Los Alamos. He was transported to a hospital, but died 35 hours after the accident.

35. In 2009, one of Google's programmers was adding websites to the malware registry when he accidentally entered "/" instead of a full URL causing the search engine to block off every website in its index including Google's own pages for 55 minutes.

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www.whitehouse.com used to be a porn site, resulting in many schoolchildren accidentally viewing adult content in the late 1990s via the website.

37. In 2009, a student in Ukraine died from a piece of bubble gum that exploded in his mouth. This happened after he accidentally dipped the gum into a packet of explosive material, instead of citric acid.


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