36 Random General Knowledge Facts To Make You Smarter – Part 61

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26Capital letters

Modern capital letters are characterized by straight lines and supple curves to make them easier to carve into stone. Lowercase letters were only used for everyday writing and weren't originally used in conjunction with the uppercase.

27. In 2015, a woman named Roseanne Di Guilio who lived in a house that straddled the New York - Connecticut border lost half of her house because her mortgage provider did not pay the property taxes.

28. A liver transplant only requires a small section from the donor, because it will regenerate to the full size of the recipient. Interestingly, a child can receive a transplant and the liver will grow normally as they mature.

29. In 1871, Clement Vallandigham, a lawyer and Ohio politician, defending a man accused of murder accidentally shot himself while demonstrating how the victim might have accidentally shot himself. His client was cleared.

30. A Czech brewery (Protivin brewery) uses crayfish to ensure the purity of its water supply. The crayfish are fitted with tiny sensors which monitor heart rate and movement to detect when the animals react to impurities in the water.

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31Apple seeds

About 20 apple cores' worth of apple seeds contains enough cyanide to kill the average person.

32. The huia bird went extinct in 1907 and its call was never recorded, but it exists today because an elderly Maori man imitated in 1949 from memories of his childhood.

33. In 1960s, a man (Irvin Wise) tried to develop contact lenses for chicken aggression but failed because they fell out or blinded the birds. Later his son (Randall Wise) started a company, sold it for millions, and used that money to carry on the family dream of developing chicken contact lenses. He also failed.

34. When Arthur Rubinstein (Polish American classical pianist) was invited to play for delegates at the 1945 inauguration of the UN, he was so angry that neither a Polish delegation nor a Polish flag was included, he made his point by performing the Polish national anthem extremely slowly and loudly.

35. The Buer (Demon) is known as the great president of hell. Only appearing when the sun is in Sagittarius, Buer goes about teaching natural and moral philosophy, herbology, and is particularly good at healing men of their illnesses.

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36Antabuse drug

There's a drug called Antabuse. It helps recovering alcoholics by making them very ill if they drink even a small amount of alcohol.


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