36 Insane Serial Killer Facts You Shouldn’t Read After Dark

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26Edmund Kemper

Serial killer Edmund Kemper said to one of his victims he was sorry for accidentally touching her breast, a few minutes before killing her.

27. Serial killer Jake Bird placed a "Bird Hex" on those attending/working his court trial, claiming "Mark my words, you will die before I do." Six people following the case died.

28. In 1996, the infamous serial killer 'The Yorkshire Ripper' (Peter Sutcliffe) was almost strangled to death in custody, before being saved by serial killer Kenneth Erskine aka 'The Stockwell Strangler'.

29. The most prolific female serial killer in history, Elizabeth Bathory, sexually abused, tortured and killed over 600 young women.

30. A serial killer (Luis Garavito) responsible for the murder of more than 135 children will be released from prison no later than 2021, possibly sooner with "good behavior".

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31Robert Pickton

Serial killer Robert Pickton fashioned a dildo to the barrel of a .22 caliber revolver to act as a makeshift silencer.

32. The first African-American female serial killer was Clementine Barnabet. Between 1909-1912, she invaded homes in Texas and Louisiana and killed entire families with an ax. The bodies were then arranged as part of a "Voodoo" ritual connected to her mysterious evangelical church.

33. Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate before he was executed via capital punishment.

34. In 1896, a serial killer (Amelia Dyer) due to being executed was subpoenaed to give evidence in another trial, but it was decided that her testimony would be inadmissible, as she was considered legally dead upon receiving her sentence.

35. Kenneth McDuff, a Texas serial killer who was on death row, was then paroled, committed more murders and then finally executed. He caused an overhaul of the Texas Justice system including harsher paroles, more prisons and a rise in executions.

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36Lewis Hutchinson

The first serial killer (Lewis Hutchinson) in Jamaica lived in a castle and hunted people for sport.


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