36 Fun Random Facts That’ll Surely Wow Any Room – Part 147

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26Millipedes and centipedes

Millipedes and centipedes

300 million years ago insects could get really big. Millipedes and centipedes could get larger than humans, dragonflies as big as eagles, the beatles were the size of a large dog. The leading theory is that ancient bugs got big because they benefited from a surplus of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere.

27. In 2000, author J.K. Rowling gave her father (Peter Rowling) the first edition of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' for Father's Day and signed it: "Lots of love from your first born." Three years later, he sold it for £27,500.

28. There are so many water-filled caves under Florida that divers can swim between sinkhole-created lakes, under highways, businesses, schools, and houses.

29. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi tried to kill themselves during adolescence and both suffered severe bouts of depression later in life.

30. Human’s trophic level (or place on the food chain) is a mere 2.2 on a 1-5 scale, with apex predators such as lions and great white sharks at a 5. We rank even with pigs and anchovies.

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All butterflies, given the opportunity, will happily drink your blood.

32. The band Phoenix once played a secret concert at a high school in Austin. To attend, the students needed to have perfect attendance.

33. The British government once accidentally published classified information about their nuclear submarines in a “redacted” report. The classified information had been "blacked out" in a digital document, but anyone who opened the document could copy and paste the “blacked-out” text in order to read it.

34. The type of Nike sneakers worn by members of the Heaven's Gate cult in their 1997 mass suicide is highly sought after by sneaker collectors.

35. A young Indian girl named Sehmat Khan got married to a Pakistani Army Officer during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. She was actually an Indian spy who married him to gain confidential information and ended up saving thousands of lives by providing information about a Pakistani naval attack to the Indian authorities.

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36Slip 'n Slides

Slip 'n Slides

Slip 'n Slides are for ages 5 to 12. One teenager and seven adults become paralyzed or received neck injuries before they were taken off. They reappeared back in the market in the 2000's with the age-restricted warning label.

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