36 Chirpy Facts About Birds That’ll Make You Sing

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The U.S. Coast Guard once trained pigeons to assist in finding people lost at sea. They sat in a dome attached to a helicopter, pressing a lever after spotting life preservers or debris. They had a 90% success rate in initial trials.

27. The reason you never see a baby pigeon is because they only live in the nest for 30 days, at which point they start to look similar to adult pigeons.

28. The Dodo bird was actually a giant pigeon. It grew and lost its ability to fly due to Island Gigantism.

29. Owls have serrations on the edge of their flight feathers, allowing their flight to be practically silent. Some fish-eating owls, for whom silence has no evolutionary advantage, lack this adaptation.

30. The eye color of owls indicates what time of day the owls prefer to be active.

31Male bald eagle

Despite having a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet and a height of up to 3.5 feet, a typical male bald eagle weighs only 9 pounds.

32. Peacock feathers are actually brown but their microscopic structure makes them also reflect blue, turquoise, and green light, and they are often iridescent.

33. Ruppell's vulture is considered to be the highest-flying bird, with confirmed evidence of a flight at an altitude of 11,300 metres (37,100 ft) above sea level. It was ingested by a jet engine of an airplane flying at an altitude of 11,300 m.

34. A vulture’s stomach is so strong that it can process anthrax, cholera, and botulism. Their feces are also completely sterile which helps them clean their legs since they most often walk in rotting carcasses and it also helps cool them down since can't sweat.

35. A budgie named Puck is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as "The bird with the largest vocabulary in the world " with a vocabulary of 1728 words. Also, he wouldn't just mimic, he would often create his own phrases and sentences.

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36Bird petting

When petting a bird, one should pet only the head. For some birds, petting the chest is a form of sexual stimulation and can lead to a frustrated animal.


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