36 Basic Random Facts That’ll Make You Ferociously Smart | Random List #124

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26Alcoholic relapses

Alcoholic relapses

Every time an alcoholic, relapses then quits again, the withdrawal symptoms get worse. It's called the kindling effect.

27. In Germany, there's a festival without bands. There is even a stage, but no one is performing. The idea is to enjoy the atmosphere of a festival without the pressure of having to see all the bands you paid for.

28. In 1996, a Canadian man named Robert Dennis Blair Adams fled Canada feeling that someone was out to get him and kill him. He took his money and drove to Tennessee. He ended up dead in a parking lot with his money around his half-naked body. Police found that he was killed by a blow to the stomach and the case remains unsolved.

29. California produces 82% of the world’s almonds.

30. Viggo Mortensen published a book of poetry called “Ten Last Night” before he became famous. He also speaks fluent Spanish, Danish, and French and is also proficient in Catalan, Swedish, Italian, and Norwegian.

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31Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was still working on his Theory of Everything while laying on his deathbed, in the last hours of his life, while fading in and out of consciousness.

32. In 1967, the Nigerian Civil War was halted for 48 hours so that both sides could watch Pelé play in Lagos.

33. In Doctor Strange, a dancer called Jayfunk choreographed all the magic incantation movements used by the characters in the film, using finger tutting.

34. On May 25, 2000, Philippines Airlines flight 812 was hijacked by a man who robbed the passengers of their valuables and then asked the pilot to depressurize the plane so that he could jump out. He was pushed by a flight attendant out from the plane and his body was found 3 days later.

35. Rian Johnson wanted to show extreme violence in The Last Jedi's final battle, but couldn't do so in a PG-13 movie. To solve this, the planet Crait was covered in a layer of salt which, when displaced by the fighting, revealed a red landscape and made the battlefield appear drenched in blood.

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Cards Against Humanity created a knock-off of Pringles called Prongles.

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