35 Wildly Impressive Random Facts Hardly Anyone Know | Random List #18

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1Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess

Dr. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham because his publisher bets him $50 that he couldn't write a book using only 50 words.

2. There is a group of wolves in British Columbia aptly called the "sea wolves" that gets most of its food from the sea, and will even swim up to 8 miles to reach islands for food.

3. Kathleen Kennedy, the sister of JFK, was disowned by her family especially her mother after marrying an Anglican. After being widowed during World War 2, she then chose to marry a divorcee but died in a plane crash. Only her father went to her funeral.

4. The "ZIP" in ZIP Code is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, a name given because mail would not only travel more efficiently but also because the mail would comparatively zip right to your address.

5. In 1962, investor Warren Buffett agreed to sell shares of a failing company for $11.50 per share. The tender offer was for only $11.375, so Buffett decided to buy more stock, took control of the company and fired the man who made the offer.

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6David Sneddon

David Sneddon

An American (David Sneddon) who disappeared in China in 2004 is strongly suspected of having been kidnapped by North Korean agents and may still be alive in Pyongyang.

7. During the World War 2 invasion of Normandy, a new Canadian tank gunner destroyed 3 Tiger tanks with his first 5 shots in combat, including a famous German tank commander with over 130 kills. The Canadian tanker's only prior experience was firing a half dozen tank rounds during training.

8. Mr. Potato Head got its name because it was originally a set of plastic pieces that you were supposed to stick into a real vegetable

9. In 1998, a US Navy warship became dead in the water after the Navy opted to run the ship on Windows NT 4.0 instead of a more fitting OS. A sailor unknowingly divided by zero, causing an overflow error and killing the entire ship.

10. In 2016, China passed a new law that banned people from seductively eating bananas on the live stream.

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11North Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota didn't technically qualify for statehood until 2012 when a constitutional error found by a 66-year-old man was corrected.

12. Whales, sturgeon, dolphins, and porpoises that wash up on the shore in the UK are "royal fish" and are the property of the Queen.

13. Shakespeare invented the name Jessica for the play 'The Merchant of Venice'

14. In Japan, young kids play a game called, "Kancho" in which they stick their fingers in the unsuspecting victim's anus for fun.

15. Anorexic people angle their bodies sideways even when passing through doorways that are much wider than themselves.

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16Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra was diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) after his suicide in February 2016. He was the first "action sports" star to be diagnosed with CTE.

17. A 2013 study showed that if you have an itch on the left side of your body, you can relieve it by looking into a mirror and scratching the right side of your body (and vice versa).

18. Three out of four of the longest recorded sniper kills were by Canadians

19. Ice can actually refer to 17 unique solid crystalline phases of water.

20. Russell Crowe was once contacted by the FBI about Al Qaeda wanting to kidnap him to take "iconographic Americans out of the picture as a sort of cultural-destabilization plan." Russel Crowe isn't American though. He's originally from New Zealand.

21Namamugi Incident

Namamugi Incident

In 1862, Japan four British merchants met a procession of a feudal lord's regent while traveling. The merchants did not dismount and show respect, and the samurai cut them down. Britain's claims for compensation were unanswered, which led to the naval bombardment of Kagoshima city by the Royal Navy.

22. Howard Hughes bought the Silver Slipper casino so he could turn off the flashing slipper sign so he didn't have to see it anymore from his penthouse across the street

23. The human brain remains half awake when sleeping in a new environment for the first time.

24. The Soviet Union unknowingly sold Titanium to CIA dummy companies that were used in the creation of the A-12 Cygnus (Predecessor to the SR71 Black Bird) that was being built to spy on the Soviet Union

25. Orcas Island, famous for its resident pods of orcas, was actually named after Horcasitas, the Viceroy of Mexico, who sponsored an expedition there in 1791. Whereas the animal name "orca" originated in Ancient Rome. So "Orcas Island" is probably the most coincidental place name on Earth.


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