35 Spooky Facts about All Things Supernatural

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Medieval scribes invented a "Patron Demon of Scribes" called Titivillus. He would wander the earth every day collecting scribal errors until he could fill his sack 1000 times. The sack was taken to the devil and each mistake recorded against the name of the monk who had made the error.

27. In Greek mythology a priestess named Cassandra was able to accurately predict the future but was cursed so that no one would believe her.

28. Aglaonice of Thessaly was an ancient Greek sorceress, part of a coven of witches known for their ability to "draw down the moon". In reality, Aglaonice and her female accolites were likely accomplished astronomers able to predict lunar eclipses.

29. Porch roofs on old houses in the American South are sometimes painted blue to scare off "haints," a variation of the word "haunt" referring to ghosts or spirits. Blue is the color of water, and ghosts supposedly can't cross water.

30. Some haunted houses are thought to be the result of dangerous safety hazards, like carbon monoxide leaks, which cause hallucinations.

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31Witching hour

The witching hour is the time of night between 3-4 am in western Christianity considered to be when supernatural events are at their most powerful and frequent due to the absence of prayers.

32. Infrasound sound waves with frequencies below 20 Hz can’t be heard by people, but can cause recipients to feel fear, anxiety, sorrow, depression, and nausea. It can also cause recipients to see hallucinations which makes them think something a paranormal/supernatural is afoot.

33. As of 2012, there is still an active witch-hunting unit in Saudi Arabia. In 2009, 118 people were charged with witchcraft and by 2011 there were 9 bureaus in the country to combat sorcery. They have even accused US of having sorcerers.

34. There is an autoimmune disease that mimics the symptoms of demonic possession, and it has only been identified in the last 10 years. It affects mostly young women and can come on with no pre warnings whatsoever.

35. Due to the murder rate skyrocketing, in 2015 the Catholic Church performed an exorcism on the entire country of Mexico in order to help purge them of their demons.


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