35 Repulsive Facts About Feces That Will Disgust Yet Fascinate You

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26King George III

King George III had an illness that caused his poop to turn purple.

27. George Clooney once pranked one of his friend by cleaning his friend's cat litter box so that his friend thought his cat did not poop and then George took a dump into the box to make it look like the cat took a huge dump after several days.

28. Paula Radcliffe, the winner of the 2005 London Marathon, took a sh*t on the side of the road in full view of spectators and cameras.

29. In 1962, scientists injected an elephant with a dose of LSD that was 3000 times a typical human dose. Five minutes later the elephant trumpeted, fell down, defecated itself, went into a perpetual brain seizure, and then died an hour and 40 minutes later.

30. If you are an American who finds bird droppings on an island not under another countries' jurisdiction, you may claim that island for America.

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31Andre the Giant

When Andre the Giant would go to Japan he would sometimes defecate in bathtubs, or on newspapers because the toilets were too small for him.

32. There was a manure salesman named Abba Bina in Papua New Guinea, who went by the name "Mr. Sh*t", who went by the slogan "Chicken sh*t, horse sh*t, cow sh*t - but no bullsh*t".

33. Fieldfares (Turdus Pilaris) dive bomb predators in a group, by defecating on them. Some predatory birds can become so covered in excrement that they cannot fly.

34. In 2009, a man named Weusi McGowan on trial brought a bag of poop into the courtroom, smeared feces on his lawyer and then threw the remainder of the poop at the jury.

35. 72% of shopping carts have poop (fecal bacteria) on the handles.


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