35 Little Facts about Charlie Chaplin, The Comedic Genius

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26The Great Dictator Movie

Charlie Chaplin was sued for plagiarism in "The Great Dictator" by his half-brother. Charlie lost the suit and paid $95,000 in damages.

27. Charlie Chaplin had a large age gap in all his marriages. He was 29 when he wed Mildred Harris (17), 35 when he wed Lita Grey (16), 47 when he wed Paulette Goddard (26), and 54 when he wed Oona O’Neill (17).

28. A secret letter of Charlie Chaplin's proves he was born a gypsy.

29. Charlie Chaplin was so popular in 1917 that nine out of ten men attending costume balls that year went as Chaplin.

30. Charlie Chaplin once met a ‘human frog’ and his story became the inspiration for one of the “X-Files” episode.

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31Chaplin's Scandal

Charlie Chaplin was into young girls. He once fired an underaged girl from his movie after she refused to abort his child and narrowly escaped a sex scandal by marrying her in secret.

32. Charlie Chaplin once lost a paternity lawsuit because the use of blood tests as evidence was prohibited in the trial. According to the blood tests, Chaplin could not have been the father.

33. Charlie Chaplin was labeled 'anti-American' for criticizing Hitler and Nazi Germany, and his passport was revoked.

34. Charlie Chaplin was being paid $10,000 a week to act in his movies in 1915.

35. In 1978, Charlie Chaplin’s body was stolen and held for ransom. His widow refused to pay ransom demands of £400,000 because “Charlie would have thought it ridiculous.” His body was found 11 weeks later.


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