35 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned Around the Globe

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26Ugly Law

Ugly Law

In 1867 San Francisco banned people who were “diseased, maimed, mutilated or in any way deformed” from "appearing in streets or public spaces." Similar "ugly laws" were passed around the country. The last arrest under an ugly law was in 1974.

27. Due to their religious conviction, Puritan colonists of New England banned Christmas and ignored Easter. They also attempted to erase any cultural integrations rooted in European paganism.

28. In the early 20th century, Danes living under Prussian rule were banned from displaying the Danish flag. To protest this, they bred pigs with a red and white color pattern similar to their flag. The breed is now called “Danish Protest Pig.”

29. A base jumper named Jan Davis protested the banning of BASE jumping at national parks due to safety concerns, by BASE jumping off El Capitan. Her parachute failed to open and she died.

30. Female navels were banned from American television from 1951 to 1983.

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31Battle Royale

Battle Royale

The Japanese film Battle Royale (2000) is banned in South Korea and it took 11 years before it was released in the United States and Canada. The film was banned in Germany in 2013, but this was later overturned. Quentin Tarantino considers Battle Royale to be one of his favorite films.

32. Scotland banned Christmas for nearly 400 years. It didn’t become a public holiday until 1958.

33. The long-term ban on switchblades in the USA owes its origin to a 1950 article that appeared in ‘Women's Home Companion’, entitled; ‘The Toy That Kills’.

34. There are several countries in Africa that have banned the export of donkeys to China. This is due to unsustainable demand for their hide to produce medicinal gelatin called eijao. Populations of donkeys are also declining in North-East Brazil due to this.

35. While bowling's origins as a game for everybody can be traced back to ancient Egypt, 16th century England tried to make it a game for the wealthy, with Henry VIII banning bowling for the lower classes.

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