35 Awesome Random Facts About Everything in Life – Part 254

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26William Henry Sheppard

William Henry Sheppard, one of the first Black American missionaries to Africa, helped to expose King Leopold’s atrocities in the Belgian Congo to the world.

27. Charlize Theron has suffered many injuries such as dislocating her jaw due to a camel and laughing so hard at Borat that her neck locked up for 5 days.

28. Peter Hill was the first known African American clockmaker and the only Black clockmaker known to have worked in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He earned enough money to buy his freedom at the age of 27. The following year he married his wife Tina and purchased her freedom as well.

29. US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq is the world's largest (almost of the same size as Vatican City). It houses its own power station, water and sewage treatment, internet and phone network, gym, cinema, and sports facilities. It also has 6 apartment buildings to house its employees.

30. The American Bald Eagle sounds like a seagull. The mighty screech that is often dubbed over the image of a bald eagle is actually the cry of a Red-Tailed Hawk.

31Smelly armpits

While only 2% of Europeans lack the genes for smelly armpits, most East Asians and almost all Koreans lack this gene.

32. In 1857, a woman named Hannah Crafts escaped her owner by dressing up as a man and pretending to be white. She later wrote a book called The Bondwoman's Narrative but didn't publish it. It was found years later in a New Jersey attic and was finally authenticated and published in 2002.

33. In the Philippines, the legal term for car-theft is "carnapping." This is because when cars used to be very rare in the country and were prized status-items, thieves would steal and hold them for ransom like in a kidnapping. Now the term is used for both car-theft and carjacking cases.

34. The phrase "the customer is always right" was coined by an indigent Prussian migrant named George C. Boldt who worked in the hotel industry, invented room service, became a multi-millionaire, bought an island, and built a castle for his beloved wife. His wife died before completion, and he never set foot on the island again.

35. After Joseph Stalin's death, his successor embarked on a program of 'De-Stalinization' - systematically reversing most of Stalin's policies while in office, to end the "era of the cult of personality."


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