34 Noteworthy Random Facts We Were Surprised to Learn| Random List #62

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26Appleton farms

America's oldest farm (Appleton farms) has been operating continuously since 1636.

27. Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa attempted suicide in 1971 by slashing his throat. He had been unable to secure financing for his films, fired from a 20th Century Fox epic production, and considered by many as old-fashioned. His hardships continued until the mid-1980s when he made the movie Ran, his last masterwork.

28. Thomas Jefferson believed Mastodons still lived somewhere in the West and instructed Lewis and Clark to look for one.

29. Nuclear Semiotics is an interdisciplinary field of research which investigates methods to inform earthlings of the far future to avoid nuclear waste sites. Ideas include color-changing cats, an atomic priesthood, and a Rosetta Stone-type message.

30. NHL players can't use the number 0 because the NHL's database software will not allow it.

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31Mediterranean Sea

Between 5 and 6 million years ago, the Strait of Gibraltar closed, and the entire Mediterranean Sea evaporated within 1000 years, leaving behind a salty desert.

32. The company that produced Zyklon B for gas chambers during the holocaust, Degesch, is still in business under a different parent company, and still produces the chemical that made up Zyklon B under the name 'Cyanosil'.

33. Charles Curtis, the 31st vice-president of the United States, was of Native American ancestry and was enrolled as a member of the Kaw-Nation. English was his third language after Kansa and French.

34. Architects can design a home or building with a glass structure that lets cool air in the bottom and releases warm air at its top. This is known as a solar chimney and works off similar principles of regular fire chimneys.


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