34 Authentic Superheroes That Roam The Streets Around the World

21The Polarman

The Polarman

The Polarman of Iqaluit, Nunavut is a real-life superhero whose primary interests are shoveling the snow off sidewalks during the day and patrolling the streets for criminals at night.



"Terrifica" is a New York City-based woman who patrols bars and parties in an effort to prevent inebriated women from being taken advantage of by men. Since the mid-1990s, Terrifica has donned a mask, blonde wig, red boots, and cape, because in her words women "need to be protected from themselves."

23The Viper

The Viper

In 2010, 20-year-old Columbia, Tennessee, resident was stopped by police for patrolling the streets after midnight in a black and green mask and costume. The man referred to himself as "The Viper", and claimed that he was "just a guy trying to do what was right in tights."

24Crimson Fist and Metadata

Crimson Fist and Metadata

Atlanta husband and wife team "Crimson Fist" and "Metadata" help the homeless in their area. He tells WAGA-TV that he prepares himself for the dangers of the streets, carries handcuffs and wears a "stun device" that wraps around his knuckles. He checks for car break-ins, cleans up litter and alerts police to suspicious activity in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood just south of downtown Atlanta.



Väktaren (roughly translated as "The Watchman") patrols the streets of Malmö in Sweden, looking to report a crime to police and intervene in crimes in the process.

26Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones is a mixed martial artist who patrols Seattle streets fighting crime in a bulletproof vest and stab plating. Initially wearing a ski mask to intervene in a public assault, Jones later developed a full costume and adopted the pseudonym.



Portland had a real-life superhero named "Zetaman", seeking out the needy with gifts of food and clothing. He goes armed with an extendable steel baton, pepper spray, and a Taser that delivers 30,000 volts—enough to put a man on the ground. Those tools of the trade are to defend himself or people in trouble.

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Jack Brinatte, known as "Razorhawk" is a real-life superhero who was previously a pro-wrestler in Minneapolis. He looks out for people in trouble.

29Shadow Hare

Shadow Hare

Shadow Hare (or Shadowhare) is the pseudonym of a vigilante superhero operating in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2005. He states that he lives in Milford, Ohio. He wears a handmade black suit with a stylized hare on the front, along with a cape and mask. He patrols the streets looking for crimes in progress, and gives out meals to the homeless.

30Black Rat

Black Rat

The Black Rat is a martial expert real-life superhero who operates in Sydney. His first goal is to get street lighting fixed on Campbell St, St Peters, and he plans to organize a residents' petition.

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