33 Seriously Curious Random Facts You’ll Find Interesting | Random List #281

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26Homer Simpson

In one Simpsons episode, Homer Simpson coats his mouth in hot wax in order to eat hot peppers. Fox censors sent a note to writers, asking that he scream in pain to stop kids watching from copying him. No scream was added; instead, dialogue from Ralph Wiggum questioning Homer on his action was used.

27. During the American Revolution at the Siege of Boston as winter approached the Americans were so short on gunpowder that soldiers were given spears to fight with, in the event of a British attack.

28. Following his resignation as U.S. President in the midst of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon forged a successful post-presidency as an author and elder statesman, meeting many foreign leaders such as Gorbachev. In 1986 he was ranked by Gallup as one of the ten most admired men in the world.

29. Caribbean sperm whales have a distinct culture. They are known to interact only with other whales with their own unique dialects and 'accents' which are variations of clicks unique to that area.

30. Nancy Dupree, an American-born woman who became known as the 'grandmother of Afghanistan.' Moving there in 1962 as a diplomat's wife, she spent the rest of her life in and around the country, collecting and saving documents and eventually founding a new library of Afghan history.

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Sally was the canine mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. She accompanied the regiment through nearly the entire war until being mortally wounded in February 1865.

32. On the French island of Ile de ré, the donkeys wear trousers. Because the marshes were thick with mosquitoes and other bugs, locals sewed pants to keep insects off the donkey's legs.

33. When George Foreman won the heavyweight championship at the age of 45 against Michael Moorer, he wore the same trunks he wore when he lost the title to Muhammad Ali 20 years prior.


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