33 Most Random Facts That Will Make You Smarter – Part 108

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26British adults

35% of British adults still sleep with a teddy bear.

27. One popular account of the origin of the phrase "Milky Way" arises from the Ancient Greek myth of Hera (wife of Zeus) breastfeeding Heracles (also known as Hercules). Hercules fed so strongly Hera recoiled, spraying milk from her breast, creating the Milky Way.

28. The Brocken Spectre is an atmospheric phenomenon in which the sun casts a person’s shadow onto fog or clouds, making the shadow appear enormous, otherworldly, and ringed with a rainbow halo.

29. In 1950, over 1 million French citizens were native speakers of a Celtic language called Breton. Today there are less than 250,000 speakers of Breton. The language is isolated to the Brittany peninsula in Northwest France.

30. America is home to “Body Farms,” where corpses are just tossed out into nature to rot for scientists to study decomposition and forensics.

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31George Wallace

George Wallace was reelected as Governor of Alabama in the 1980's by winning over many black voters. He went on to then appoint over 160 African-Americans into positions of power in the state.

32. Four-legged herbivores such as cows and horses have "stay apparatus" in their legs, which are tendons and ligaments that allow them to remain standing with minimal muscular effort. While this allows them to doze while standing, but they can enter REM sleep and dream only while lying down.

33. In 2013, Facebook acquired Onavo VPN to track user's full online activity and app usage details. With this, they were able to tell that Instagram's Stories crippled Snapchat Stories even before Snapchat made it public.


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