33 Little Details in Disney Movies That’ll Blow Your Damn Mind

1Goofy Movie

In A Goofy Movie, during the photo studio scene, when Goofy sets the shutter and the flash goes off, the girl's eyes briefly turn red, which actually happens in real life when light reflects off from behind your retina and back.


In WALL-E, some of the captains of the luxury spaceship served for more than a hundred years, indicating an increase in life expectancy.

3Cars 2

In Cars 2 (2011) while in a pub in London there is a tapestry on the wall that is the DunBroch family tapestry from Brave (2012), except they are portrayed as cars.

4Ralph breaks the Internet

In Ralph breaks the Internet, when Ralph goes to eBay one of the pop-ups says that sassy housewives want to meet you and in the picture of the pop-up is aunt Cass from big hero 6.


In Zootopia, Nick's handkerchief was part of his Scout uniform from when he was a cub.


In Ratatouille, Chef Skinner twists the wine bottle when pouring a glass of wine which is done to avoid wine dripping down the side.

7Treasure Planet

In Treasure Planet, there is a Stitch figure/plush on the shelf in young Jim Hawkin's bedroom.

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8A Bug's Life

In A Bug's Life (1998) Manny, a mantis, is married to Gypsy, a butterfly because if he was married to another mantis, he might not have survived their wedding night. Sexual cannibalism in praying mantis occurs 15-30% of the time.

9101 Dalmatians

In 101 Dalmatians (1961), the pup Lucky has spots on his back in the shape of a lucky horseshoe.


In Ratatouille, when Linguini is chopping leeks for the soup you can see a green smear on the cutting board that actually happens when cutting green vegetables. Also, his bite marks are still there from when Remy bit him a couple of days before.


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