32 Unknown Random Facts About Everything | Random List #178

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Peru has 90 different microclimates, including 30 of the 32 world climates, making it one of the most diverse countries in the world in microclimates.

27. Ahmad Shah Massoud led a resistance to the Taliban that protected 30% of Afghanistan's population. He promoted gender equality, had no reports of human rights abuses under his leadership and warned about 9/11.

28. Louis Braille was blinded as a boy when using an awl. At the age of 15, also using an awl, he invented a reading system for the blind. It was never adopted during his lifetime, but after his death, it grew to worldwide popularity and is now known as "braille".

29. In 2015, a Washington high school senior named Ibrahim Ahmad strapped fake explosives to his body and asked a girl to prom with a sign saying "I know it's a little late but I'm kinda the bomb. Rilea will you be my date to prom?" The school gave him a five-day suspension but the girl said yes.

30. We are paid to give plasma but not blood because people will lie about communicable diseases when paid for blood.

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31Carroll O'Connor

After losing a son to drug-related suicide, American actor Carroll O'Connor publicly outed his son's dealer and pushed for a law allowing families and employers to sue drug dealers to recover losses and costs of drug treatment.

32. A warrior poet named Götz von Berlichingen lost his right arm by cannon fire in 1504. He had a mechanical arm invented so that he could still hold a sword and fought in numerous battles, led rebel armies, was attributed with coining the phrase "he can kiss my a*s" and died at the age of 82.


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