32 Unheard Of Random Facts To Enjoy With Your Coffee | Random List #268

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In 1995, we sent a probe named Galileo crashing through Jupiter's atmosphere. It gathered and relayed data for 58 minutes, before being destroyed by the increasing pressure.

27. Ton 618 is the largest supermassive black hole with a scary large mass of 44 billion suns. It is also one of the brightest objects in the universe.

28. Screenwriter Robert Towne so hated the finished Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan that he pulled his name off the film and credited his dog as a writer. The dog, P.H. Vazak, ended up with an Oscar nomination.

29. White torture is a type of psychological torture that includes extreme sensory deprivation and isolation. It involves putting the prisoner in "a completely white, soundproof room." This torture makes the detainee lose personal identity and can cause hallucinations.

30. When Richard Stanley, the original director of mega-flop The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) was fired and replaced, he secretly returned to set disguised as a mutant dog and worked for the rest of production as an extra.

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The original story of Aladdin in One Thousand And One Nights was actually set in Western China and the main character is a young Chinese Muslim.

32. ESPN launched a sport centered phone called "Mobile ESPN" in 2005 which failed miserably. Steve Jobs called it, "The dumbest f*cking idea I have ever heard." It cost $300 for the phone itself, and between $65 and $225 per month for content.


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