32 Unbelievably Interesting Random Facts You Just Shouldn’t Miss | Random List #110

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The French Army has a program to train eagles from birth to spot and perform mid-air drone takedowns.

27. When news spread of Bonnie and Clyde’s (American criminals) death, a large crowd gathered around the car trying to steal souvenirs. Lockets of Bonnie's hair and strips of her dress were taken. There were also attempts to cut off Clyde’s fingers and ear.

28. Two rival churches in Greece hold a 'rocket war' annually during Easter, where tens of thousands of home-made rockets are fired at each other. This event was originally held with real cannons until their use was prohibited in 1889.

29. Pope Stephen VI once dug up the body of a previous Pope, put it on trial for bribery and rule-breaking and mocked him for being silent in front of the entire Vatican. The defendant lost the case.

30. Hitler practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself making speeches. Hitler was so obsessed with his image that he had photographer Heinrich Hoffman take photos of him making speeches. Despite being told to destroy the photos, Hoffman did not and included them in his memoir instead.

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31The Necronomicon

The Vatican, Yale University, and many libraries have had requests sent to reserve the book, “The Necronomicon”, a fictional book invented by H.P. Lovecraft.

32. Burt Shavitz, co-creator, and face of Burt’s Bees (American personal care products) was an accomplished photographer prior to beekeeping and had photographs published in Life and Time Magazines.


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