32 Unbelievable Random Facts You Won’t Be Able To Stop Thinking About | Random List #65

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26Akira Toriyama

The manga creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, met Jackie Chan, who is a fan of Toriyama's previous works, Dr. Slump. Because of the meetup, Toriyama had the inspiration to create Dragon Balls, then incorporated Jackie Chan's stunts as Dragon Ball fighting moves.

27. The T. Rex could have been easily be outrun by a human given their maximum speed was only around 12 mph.

28. The largest living thing on earth is a humongous fungus.

29. Micheal Dorn, Worf from Star Trek, owned and flew an F-86 Sabre fighter jet.

30. In 1952, students at the University of Washington tricked their teacher by creating a false student named John Rainwater. It has now been used as a pseudonym by multiple renowned mathematicians.

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31William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare likely smoked weed and described it as the "journey in my head".

32. In 2016, there was an anthrax outbreak in western Siberia. The source was found to be a thawed 75-year-old reindeer carcass containing the spores.


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