32 Torturous Facts About Prisoners That’ll Scare You

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26Betty Lou Beets

Former death row inmate Betty Lou Beets, shot her first husband, shot her second husband twice, ran her third husband over and also murdered her fourth and fifth husbands.

27. A California prison inmate once smuggled 2 boxes of staples, a pencil sharpener, sharpener blades, and 3 jumbo binder rings in his rectum, earning him the nickname “O.D.” (Office Depot).

28. An Illinois inmate named Michael Harms carves tiny, intricately-detailed chairs from soap, displayed in cases cut from popsicle sticks with nail clippers and dyed with rust from steel wool which sells for hundreds of dollars each at art shows.

29. 2 Wisconsin inmates walked out of prison using forged prison release records. One of the inmates had over 50 years left to serve and they were only apprehended when they reported for their scheduled parole hearing.

30. A Pennsylvania prison inmate named George Kaminski while serving time on a kidnapping conviction gathered 72,927 four-leaf clovers, over a period of 25 years.

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31Ear Hustle

Two inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California run a podcast called Ear Hustle alongside an artist who helps with teaching at the prison.

32. When U.S.'s longest serving prisoner named Paul Geidel was granted parole after 63 years of jail time, the now 80-year-old inmate did not want to leave and chose to remain in prison for almost 6 more years.


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