32 Surprisingly Pleasant Random Facts That’ll Cheer You Up – Part 234

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26Oregon Trucker

In 2018, a trucker in Oregon hauling potato chips got lost in an unfamiliar area after entering the wrong GPS coordinates and became stuck on a snowy embankment while attempting to turn around. He was found after 4 days so dehydrated that his kidneys shut down and he was close to having frostbite on one foot but still he didn't eat one chip.

27. Gonorrhea is one of the strongest known organisms, capable of pulling with a force 100,000 times their own body weight. This is equivalent to a human pulling 10 million kilos.

28. Paul Winchell, the voice of the beloved character, Tigger, also invented the artificial heart.

29. Ivaylo the “lettuce” was a swineherd, who, frustrated with the Mongol raids on his lands, led a peasant army which defeated the Mongols and later the Bulgarian army, slaying the king and taking the throne. He defeated the Mongols again and the Byzantines 3 times, at one point fighting a 2 front war.

30. Rubies and Sapphires are the same mineral, Corundum. They differ with color due to small imperfections of the mineral.

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The black paint that is used around the outside of your car’s windshield is called ‘frit’. The frit band both hides the sealant securing the windshield to your car and protects it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can damage the adhesive.

32. In 1965, a Ukrainian farmer dug up the lower jawbone of a mammoth. Further excavations revealed the presence of 4 huts, made up of a total of 149 mammoth bones. These dwellings, dating back some 15,000 years, were determined to have been some of the oldest shelters ever built.


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