32 Random Surprising Facts That You Can’t Miss – Part 90

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26Red wine

Red wine

Claims that red wine can help prevent heart disease are inconclusive at best, and at worst may lead people to drink more alcohol in pursuit of the health "benefits".

27. Steven Spielberg is responsible for the PG-13 rating. He suggested it after parents complained about the PG rating given to 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'. Three months later, 'Red Dawn' became the first release rated PG-13.

28. The word 'bald' in 'bald eagle' has nothing to do with the definition as a lack of hair. Rather, the term bald eagle is derived in English from the word 'piebald', in reference to their white heads and tail feathers in contrast to the darker color of the rest of their bodies.

29. Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the inspiration for the Simpsons Bumblebee Man, is so popular that reruns of his show ' El Chavo del Ocho' from the 1970s-80s still get an average of 91 million daily viewers around the globe.

30. During the Greek War of Independence, 115 Greek revolutionaries surrounded by 10,000 Ottoman troops managed to kill 300 and wound 800 while suffering just 6 casualties. When the Ottomans paused their attack to get cannons ready, the Greeks escaped through enemy lines undetected.

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31Mason bee

Mason bee

The Mason bees are solitary, are easy to farm to use as pollinators and rarely sting (and even if they do it is not painful).

32. During the 80 Years War, the Dutch defeated the invading Spanish by flooding their cities and farmlands. When winter arrived, Dutch soldiers used ice skates to quickly advance, fire muskets and retreat quickly to reload. The Spanish were then lured to, and fell through thin ice.

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