32 Random General Knowledge Facts About Everything – Part 156

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26Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury’s distinctive smile and his larger than average mouth has been attributed to the 4 extra teeth he had in his upper jaw.

27. Dr. Bob McClelland was the surgeon who attempted to save John F. Kennedy after his assassination. He also went on to attempt to save Lee Harvey Oswald after his shooting, and even later performed a cancer surgery on Zapruder, the man who filmed JFK’s assassination.

28. “The Full Monty” originally refers to a full English breakfast. It was named after the World War 2 British Army general Bernard Montgomery who, during the North African campaign, started every day with a full English breakfast.

29. The suds of shampoo, soap and many other foaming products are often artificially added to the product to help convince us that it is working.

30. Loofah (the kind used for scrubbing in the shower) is actually an edible vegetable.

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31Cottingley Fairies photos

Cottingley Fairies photos

One of the reasons why the girls that took the Cottingley Fairies photos did not originally state they were fake was because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed them to be real, and they did not wish to embarrass him. To the day they died, both girls insisted they had really seen fairies. 

32. There was a bull named Bodacious, often described as “The World’s Most Dangerous Bull.” He was infamously known to incapacitate and injure rodeo riders, often crushing their facial bones with his signature power move. He was forced into retirement in 1995 for fear of injuring more competitors.

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