32 Hidden Easter Eggs in TV Shows You Never Noticed

1Goodbye Michael

In "The Office S07E22: Goodbye Michael", Michael throws his coveted 'World's Best Boss' mug into the trash can. At the end of the episode, Creed is seen drinking from it.

2Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, S03E07, during the flashback scene of the Salamanca’s, you can see Hector sitting in a chair with wheelchair-esque design.


During the Ross' bachelor party on Friends, the balloons are inflated condoms.

4Parks and Recreation

In S04E07 of Parks and Recreation, the image on Tom's phone rotates while he's speaking on it because it's a picture of the dial screen and not an actual call.

5Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, the methylamine barrels of Gus Fring's supplier is imprinted with a golden bee and "00892-B", which is the hexadecimal RGB code for the signature Breaking Bad green color.

6Captain Holt

In Brooklyn 99, Captain Holt’s files are arranged like a pride flag.


In Friends S08E17 “The One With The Tea Leaves”, Ross’ T-Shirt has an image on it which means “Friends” in sign language.

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8Chief Wiggum

In S16E09 of The Simpsons, Chief Wiggum gets promoted to the police commissioner. Lou is promoted to chief and starts wearing long sleeves to reflect his promotion.

9Ron Swanson

When Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation) gets a hernia, in the scene several hours after he tries to eat lunch shows his lunch container strewn across the floor because he could not get up to throw it away.

10Black Mirror

In Black Mirror's "Playtest" episode, there's a contract which says "If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto five people within a 28 day period."


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