32 Absolutely Must Know Random Facts | Random List #280

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26Whole Shabang

Whole Shabang

‘The Whole Shabang’ is a brand of chips which was initially only sold at prison commissary stores. The chips became so popular amongst ex-inmates that it became a grey market commodity and finally was sold to the general public.

27. It is possible to raise bees in the desert, as they will collect pollen from many different desert plants. They also produce different types of desert honey at different times of the year. 

28. Polish Catholic midwife Stanisława Leszczyńska delivered 3,000 babies at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust in occupied Poland. She also smuggled false documents and food to Jews inside the ghetto as part of growing Polish resistance.

29. The world's smallest playable guitar is 10 microns long (about the size of a red blood cell). It has six strings each about 100 atoms wide and is played by aiming lasers at the strings. Its tone is about 130,000 times higher than a regular guitar which is supposedly the highest pitch ever recorded.

30. The ancient Chinese emperor, Zhu Houzhao, had a fake shopping market built outside his palace so that he could pretend to shop like the commoners did. It was staffed by his servants who he ordered to dress up as merchants and commoners.

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31Rabbit poisoning

Rabbit poisoning

Consuming too much lean protein can cause symptoms similar to broad malnutrition in a condition known as protein poisoning, or more colloquially called "rabbit poisoning" due to the first observed cases in frontiersmen who ate nothing but wild rabbits over the winter and developed symptoms.

32. Red pandas, one of the most liked and famous animals aren't a single species but two. Chinese red pandas have redder fur and striped tail rings, while Himalayan pandas have whiter faces. This makes the efforts of their conservation a bit trickier.


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