31 Weirdly Fascinating Random Facts You Never Knew – Part 91

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Pistachios used to almost always be sold coated with a deep red dye, to hide harmlessly but unattractively splotchy hulls. Discolored hulls is no longer an issue with better harvesting technology, allowing today's pistachios to be sold without dye.

27. There are three main fart smells. Hydrogen sulfide produces the signature "rotten eggs" note, methanethiol produces hints of "decomposing vegetables," and dimethyl sulfide adds a hint of "sweetness."

28. Indigenous Native Americans were not granted US citizenship until 1924.

29. The first Olympic fatality occurred when Francisco Lázaro tried to run a marathon covered in animal fat (it was to prevent sunburn). He collapsed at the 30 km mark (19 miles) of the marathon because the animal fat prevented him from sweating leading to fatal body fluid electrolytic imbalance. Before the race, he had supposedly said: "Either I win or I die."

30. The reason most long-term depressed people "feel less", remember less and experience "blurred memory" is due shrinkage of the hippocampus.

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31New England mill

New England mill

In 1908, a New England mill became the first American factory to institute the 5 day week. It did so to accommodate Jewish workers whose observance of Saturday sabbath forced them to work on Sundays, which offended some in the Christian majority. Other factories followed suit soon after.

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