31 Utterly Disturbing Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

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1Angler Fish

Angler Fish

When angler fish reproduce, the male bites and latches on to the female. The male then slowly dissolves until he is eventually just a pair of testicles stuck to her side pumping her full of sperm.

2. A woodpecker's tongue wraps all the way around its skull, to provide musculoskeletal support while pecking.

3. Meerkats are adorable creatures. They even starred in a show called Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. But they are, by far, the most murderous species of any animal, killing more of their own species with greater frequency than any other animal, with almost 20% of meerkats being killed by one of their own. The average among all mammals is just 0.3%.

4. Parents of Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, are separated. The first time her Dad ever visited her on set was the day they shot the Ramsay Bolton rape scene. The young actress had, meanwhile, been assured by the director that the scene would be “choreographed like a ballet” and would be “beautiful.”

5. Eyelash mites are parasites that live on the face and in the hair follicles of humans. Studies have shown that roughly a third of children and young adults, half of the adults, and two-thirds of elderly people were proven to be hosts of the Demodex mites. They feed on dead skin cells, but they apparently have also started taking a liking to mascara. Also, they don't have an anus. They still need to poo, so it's been said that they 'explode' with waste at the end of their lives and all the built-up waste degrades on your face.

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There’s a type of tumor called the “Teratoma Tumor”. These kinds of tumors can literally grow human parts, including teeth, eyes, hair, organs, feet, etc. In 2017, doctors in Japan discovered a tiny brain and skull inside of a 16-year-old girl's ovarian tumor while removing it.

7. About 30% of the solid mass of feces in humans is dead bacteria.

8. To know when to mate, a male giraffe will continuously headbutt the female in the bladder until she urinates. The male then tastes the pee to determine whether the female is ovulating.

9. Butterflies engage in a behavior called “mud puddling” where they seek out puddles of moisture to drink for nutrients. If a puddle of blood is the closest thing, they will “puddle” in it and proceed to drink the blood for its nutrients.

10. Chimpanzees just flat out love to eat monkeys. Generally, their hunting parties consist of 10 or more male chimpanzees and they are known to go binge hunting for weeks at a time. They love it so much they’ve feasted on certain breeds to local extinction.

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11Brain Aneurysms

Brain Aneurysms

Brain Aneurysms have little to no warning (headache) and are only diagnosable by CT Scan. Roughly 1 in 50 Americans have an unruptured brain aneurysm right now that could rupture at any time.

12. Offspring of some worm-like amphibians called caecilians allow their young to eat their flesh. The mothers of Boulengerula taitanus create a nutrient-rich fatty outer layer of skin after laying their eggs. When their offspring hatch, the babies scrape this layer off with specialized teeth.

13. Cyanide tastes like almonds. Actually, it’s the other way around. Almonds taste like cyanide, to an extent at least. Almonds contain so much of it that it gives them their typical taste and aroma. But don't worry. You would have to eat 5 kilograms at once to actually have any consequences. Also, the reason we know what cyanide tastes like is because an Indian man named MP Prasad who committed suicide left a hastily scrawled note describing the taste. “Doctors, potassium cyanide. I have tasted it. It burns the tongue and tastes acrid,” he wrote, solving a long unanswered question.

14. In 1976 during the filming of an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man, the film crew discovered the mummified corpse of Elmer McCurdy in a funhouse in a Californian amusement park. McCurdy was an Oklahoma outlaw who had died in a shootout in 1911 and his body had been used ever since as a sideshow attraction. His discoverers only realized it was a human body when his arm broke off, revealing bone and muscle.

15. The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste. It was mixed with bicarbonate sodium, which formed an excellent dough for the daily care of the mouth and teeth.

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When male lions take over a pride, they almost always kill the cubs. One reason is those female lions will not be receptive to mating while they are nursing, so killing the cubs enables the male lions to procreate and ensure that his own alpha genes outlive the competition.

17. Tokaimura nuclear accident: Due to not following safety protocols, a tank of radioactive liquid had a much higher concentration of uranyl nitrate than was safe. While adding more liquid, there was a bright flash of Cherenkov radiation followed by gamma radiation alarms. In that split second, both men near the tanks were dead, their bodies just didn't know it yet. One man, Hisashi Ouchi, was kept alive for 83 days before his body finally gave out. Even after his skin fell off, they attempted to graft it back on with tape. He was leaking bodily fluids faster than they could be replenished. He asked to be left to die during a brief moment while he was conscious, but the doctors ignored his request.

18. David Parker Ray set up a sex dungeon and kidnapped women to be basically living sex dolls for himself and his wife and occasionally, his own dogs. Then he washed them up, brainwashed them with a combination of drugs to induce hypnosis and make sure they don't remember anything and let them loose. One of the women he kidnapped had it in her mind that her experiences were just nightmares until the FBI came knocking on her door. That in and of itself sounds super disturbing until you read the transcript of the tape he made for his victims. (Warning: Source below is extremely disturbing. Do not click at work or in public)

19. When a fly lands on your food it vomits on it to prepare to eat it. They don't only vomit enzymes, they basically vomit their stomach contents in an attempt to pre-digest the food, meaning whatever they previously ate is vomited onto your food.

20. Your brain is actively editing your senses. You can always see your nose. You have a blind spot in your vision but your brain fills in the missing data. Your eyes actually process visual information upside-down. A lot of sufferers of eye conditions like glaucoma don't realize they have these problems until it's too late because of how the brain fills in the gaps in their vision. That's why it's so important to get your eyes checked out regularly.

21Human Body

Human Body

In the human body, bacteria outnumber human cells by approximately 10 to 1. Bacteria comprise ~3% of your body by mass, while your brain is ~2%. So you're something of a minority of your own self. You are nothing but a sentient spaceship sent out to mine the universe for sugars.

22. A “rat king” is a term for a number of rats congealed and bound together in a tangle of tails, dirt, hair, and blood. It has been proven that such rats survive for an extended period of time with their tails tangled.

23. Fatal familial insomnia is a neurodegenerative disease that eventually results in a complete inability to sleep. Many patients go six to nine months without sleep, during which time they develop dementia and become unresponsive. Death follows. It is incurable and untreatable. Inducing a coma still keeps the brain awake. Because it is a form of prion disease, similar to mad cow disease, it's irreversible even by genetic therapy because once the protein exists in the body, it will slowly transform healthy proteins into their prion form.

24. Chris Benoit was a pro wrestler who murdered his wife and child in their home before committing suicide. About 14 hours before their bodies were discovered, a Wikipedia article noted that he would be replaced by another wrestler in a match due to personal issues including the death of his wife. The IP address of the editor was traced to Stamford, Connecticut, which is also the location of WWE headquarters. After news of the early death notice reached mainstream media, the anonymous poster accessed Wikinews to explain his edit as a “huge coincidence and nothing more.”

25. In 600 million years, the Sun's increasing luminosity will begin to disrupt the carbonate–silicate cycle thus allowing plants that utilize C3 photosynthesis to completely die off and triggering a mass extinction.


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