31 Urbane Facts About World’s Most Famous Cities

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The city of Abidjan in Ivory Coast has a Manhattan-style skyline and French-style sidewalk cafes. Many French moved there after its independence and some visitors have criticized the city for being "more French than African."

27. Baku, Azerbaijan has the largest KFC restaurant in the world.

28. The Spanish city of Cartagena once declared independence and applied to become a US state.

29. Suwon, a city in South Korea, has a guided bus tour of their municipal restrooms.

30. The Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has a system of participatory budgeting, where citizens decide how a percentage of the city budget is spent.

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The Russian metropolis of Novosibirsk bans foreigners from being able to work as schoolteachers, bus or taxi drivers, timber merchants, lawyers, accountants, and jobs in mining and fisheries.


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