31 Unusual Random Facts That Can Shake Up Your World | Random List #152

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Blueprints are blue because the photosensitive chemicals used to make copies of the documents turn blue when exposed to light.

27. Tibetans have more than twice the amount of forearm blood flow due to sharing more than 6% of their genes from Denisova hominins.

28. The Spanish city of Pontevedra banned all but essential car traffic in 1999, resulting in a 70% decrease in CO2 emissions and zero traffic-related deaths since 2009.

29. Agriculture was not invented by humans: Fijian ants began farming fruits millions of years ago. They gathered seeds, sought out cracks in tree bark to plant them in before fertilizing them with their own poop.

30. In 2007, Paris Hilton was banned from attending Oktoberfest because locals felt she would cheapen the event as they did not appreciate how she was trying to promote her canned wine.

31John Wayne

John Wayne said that there was nothing wrong with the fact that colonists took land away from Native Americans, because the early settlers were "people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves."


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