31 Unique Random Facts You Never Knew Before | Random List #303

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26Changcheng 361

Changcheng 361 was a Chinese submarine that disappeared in 2003 while being submerged. She was later found when fishermen spotted a periscope above the surface. An engine failure had suffocated the entire crew and the ghost submarine had spent 10 days drifting aimlessly below the waves.

27. Michael Collins had spinal fusion surgery in 1968 and was removed from the crew of Apollo 8. It caused a rotation in astronaut assignments that landed him into a prime position on the historic Apollo 11 moon landing.

28. Adidas bought the iconic three-stripe design from Finnish sportswear company Karhu for two bottles of whiskey and the equivalent of 1600 euros.

29. In July 2020, marine biologists studying the seafloor in the South Pacific Gyre ("the deadest spot in the ocean") discovered aerobic microorganisms in "quasi-suspended animation." At 101.5 million years old, they are the longest-living life forms ever found.

30. Pinball was banned in most major cities from the early 1940s to the mid-1970s because it was considered a game of chance and therefore gambling.

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31Peter Kropotkin

Famous anarchist Peter Kropotkin once escaped from a Russian prison, evading searchers by going to one of St. Petersburg's fanciest restaurants with his friends, where the authorities wouldn't think to look for an anarchist.


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