31 Incredible Random Facts That’ll Befuddle You | Random List #210

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26VLC media player

The VLC media player uses a traffic cone for its icon because the students who created it drunkenly started a traffic cone collection.

27. The reason Phoenix can exist in the middle of the desert is because in 1868, Jack Swilling discovered the ruins of a 27,000 square miles canal system built by the Hohokam. He restarted the canals and today that infrastructure, with modern expansions, waters the city of over a million in the hot desert.

28. The dragonfly is one of the most skilled predators on the planet, being absolutely lethal to other insects, missing only one prey in twenty.

29. When it snowed for the first recorded time in Miami in 1977, a meteorologist initially thought it was a coke-drop that had gone wrong, until realizing that the flakes were snow.

30. 70% of the world’s Macadamia Nuts came from one tree in Australia. All of Hawaii’s macadamias share distinctive markers with a tiny wild grouping of trees in Gympie, suggesting that all of the state’s modern crops were likely cloned out of a single Australian tree.

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31Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra regularly tipped waiters, busboys, and chefs $100-200 each. However, he had a fearsome temper in restaurants. He would throw food against the wall if he didn’t like how it was prepared and would throw drinks if he didn’t like how he was treated.


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