31 Epic Random Facts To Blow You Away | Random List #14

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1OK Go


OK Go wanted to distribute their album in the form of DNA and became the first band whose album was blocked by the FDA.

2. In Mississippi, punishable by jail time of not less than 30 days, it's illegal to have a second illegitimate child.

3. Sum 41's album, Chuck, was named after a peacekeeper that saved the band (by acting as a human shield) from mortar fire.

4. There is a program called Rigs-to-Reef that transforms old oil rigs into reefs, and that there are over 3800 oil rigs on the coasts of Texas and Louisiana.

5. Among other pranks, the pirate Benjamin Hornigold once captured a ship and its crew only to take their hats, telling them that they had gotten too drunk the night before and thrown them overboard.

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6Charles II of Spain

Charles II of Spain

Spain had a king named Charles II of Spain who was so malformed due to incest that he couldn't close his mouth and ended up destroying his entire dynasty.

7. Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American Oscar winner, was required to sit at a segregated table; her white agent, William Meiklejohn, sat at the same table. The hotel hosting the ceremony had a strict no-blacks policy but allowed McDaniel in as a favor.

8. Sword swallowing is not an illusion of any kind: the performer actually pushes the sword down their esophagus and into their stomach. 29 deaths resulting from sword swallowing have been reported since 1880.

9. In Polynesian mythology, Maui from "Moana" died when he was crushed to death inside of a toothed vagina after shapeshifting into a worm.

10. In the UK, a 2015 study found that among professed vegetarians, 39% admitted to having eaten a kebab while under the influence of alcohol.

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11Washing hands

Washing hands

Washing your hands with regular soap and water removes bacteria mechanically and is as effective as antibacterial soap.

12. In Boulder, Colorado, dogs have "guardians" instead of "owners", the result of attempts to change rhetoric around pet relationships.

13. During the Prohibition era, the US Government made an exception for Whiskey to be sold through pharmacies. As a result, the Walgreens pharmacy chain grew from 20 retail stores to almost 400.

14. An Irish Antartic explorer Tom Crean along with Ernest Shackleton and two other men, sailed 1,500km in a lifeboat across the Drake Passage to save the lives of 22 men stranded on Elephant Island. It was known as one of the most extraordinary feats of seamanship and navigation in recorded history.

15. In August 2010, there was a traffic jam in China that was 100 kilometers long and lasted for ten days.

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16Boba Fett

Boba Fett

Boba Fett was almost Luke's uncle, but Lucas decided that'd be too "hokey."

17. Hannibal Lecter was inspired by grotesque serial killings between 1974 and 1985 where seven couples were murdered while making love in parked cars in the hills of Florence, Italian. The case was never solved. Thomas Harris borrowed elements for his Hannibal Lecter novels.

18. Manchester University ran "Turing's Sunflowers", a community project to finish Alan Turing's work on plant morphology

19. In 1985, Freddy Mercury released an album dedicated to his cats, with liner notes: “..to my cat Jerry - also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe. Screw everybody else!”

20. Park Jee Young was a young woman who sacrificed her life to save others during the Sinking of MV Sewol in 2014.

21Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom was the number one player of Modern Warfare 3 in the world prior to his arrest in 2012

22. Kenny G holds the Guinness Book of World Records award for the longest-held musical note, at 45 minutes and 47 seconds. He used a technique known as circular breathing.

23. The opening scene of Full Metal Jacket was almost entirely improv and filmed in one take.

24. Phil Morgese, a single dad who was given full custody of his young daughter, taught himself how to do her hair, and started a free bi-weekly class to teach other dads and daughters how to do everything from detangling long locks to coil hair into buns.

25. Genders of articles affect the way users perceive objects. When asked to describe a "key" (a masculine word in Deutch and feminine in Spanish) Deutch speakers used words like "hard," "jagged," "metal," and Spanish speakers used words like "little," "lovely," "shiny," All testing was in English

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